Development and Construction

The stadium industry keeps on moving very fast, pushing the boundaries of design standards. New technologies, high expectations from fans and finding those additional revenue streams are just some aspects impacting the way stadiums need to think and move forward.

At the core of this expert area stands the Stadium in Construction Database, which provides members of various data.

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Operations and Ticketing

Operations and Ticketing are an important part of a stadium’s profitability. Finding the right balance for your fans is important. Look for new ways to organise events and activate your current audience in a different way or attract a new public.


Sustainability and SMART

A SMART stadium is built around Sustainability, Mobility, Accessibility, Resiliency, and Transport. They form crucial parts in your overall organization and ask for a specific mindset to implement them in the best possible way.


Safety and Security

Security in and around the stadium impacts all other aspects of stadium management. The area of safety management is therefore of crucial value for everyone in the industry, especially when you think of the reality we are living in today.

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Fan Experience and Hospitality

The stadium industry underwent a significant change over the last years. Nowadays fans expect a complete different approach from their stadium: personalized commitment, direct interaction and fast accessible content. Hospitality is one of the cornerstones of stadium management, making sure attendees can expect an outstanding experience.

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Pitch Management 

Europe have taken huge steps in regards to pitch quality over the last decade, including recognition of the importance of good Groundmanship; with Grounds and Pitch Managers now seen as valuable assets of the club.

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ESSMA delivers knowledge towards members through


  • Reports and case studies

    • The second issue of ESSMA's Stadium Development Report is out, ESSMA members can consult this on the Knowledge Platform
  • Tailor-made interviews with leading industry experts

  • In-depth articles

  • ESSMA' Knowledge platform: find presentations and case studies related to ESSMA's expert areas



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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are gaining a foothold in the sports industry. Especially in terms of fan experience it is an interesting opportunity for clubs to explore. Several clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City FC have launched VR apps earlier, Juventus FC and FC Bayern Munich are following the trend. With VR and AR apps, clubs create opportunities for global fans to feel more connected to the club with for example a VR tour in the stadium or during matches.

If everything goes as planned, the new Craiova Stadium will be inaugurated on 29 October with a game between CSU Craiova and Steaua Bucharest.

The Knowledge Platform is an all-in-one platform where ESSMA members can find ESSMA and stadium industry related cases, presentations from (co-)organised events as well as Stadium Development Reports. Content on our Knowledge platform dates back from 2012 up until ESSMA’s most recent Fan Entertainment Workshop in Juventus FC and is related to our six expert areas

Some sixty members of the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) assembled for the sold-out Fan Entertainment Workshop in Turin, Italy, on 3-4 October. The venue for the two-day event was Allianz Stadium, home of Juventus FC.


Tori Willis, Product Manager – Loyalty & Strategy at SKIDATA, an ESSMA Stadium Partner, elucidated the topic around loyalty in sports and how to identify, incentive and make your fans happier.

Some sixty members of the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) assembled for the sold-out Fan Entertainment Workshop in Turin, Italy, on 3-4 October. The venue for the two-day event was Allianz Stadium, home of Juventus FC.


Federica Borin, Marketing Manager at Juventus FC, gave her insights on Fan Relationship Management (FRM) at the Allianz Stadium. Juventus FC has around 350-million fans globally, 41-million of which are based in Europe, resulting in a huge potential global market.

Some sixty members of the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) assembled for the sold-out Fan Entertainment Workshop in Turin, Italy, on 3-4 October. The venue for the two-day event was Allianz Stadium, home of Juventus FC.


Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary of EPFL focused his presentation on fan attendance. The EPFL, which represents 32 European Leagues and Associations, works on a political and regulatory level with the stakeholders both in Europe and on a global level, as well as engaging with EU institutions.

As a result of recent terror attack nationally and internationally, the Council of Wolverhampton City voted to bring in a series of safety measures across the city to reduce vulnerability of pedestrians including around Molineux Stadium. The new measures comprise an installation of security barrier systems at different locations around Wolverhampton Wanders Molineux’ Stadium.

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