Tackling COVID-19 

COVID-19 has substantially disrupted all stadium-related business. This has had a huge impact on all our members. However, as ESSMA is a member association, we aim to keep you informed on stadium-related business, with a dedicated focus on how clubs and stadiums are handling the current challenges and the impact on the future matchday operations.

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ESSMA COVID-19 report part 1 and 2 

Based on input from 36 European clubs and 8 leagues and FA's, ESSMA has assembled two reports on the impact of COVID-19 on the matchday operations.

Consult both reports on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform

Webinars linked to COVID-19

SGSA social distancing guidelines

SGSA officially launched its final version of its guidance SG02: Planning for Social Distancing at Sports Grounds. To support the guidance, watch the explanatory videos, led by Ken Scott, which discuss the contents of SG02.

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