Tackling COVID-19 

COVID-19 has substantially disrupted all stadium-related business. This has had a huge impact on all our members. However, as ESSMA is a member association, we aim to keep you informed on stadium-related business, with a dedicated focus on how clubs and stadiums are handling the current challenges and the impact on the future matchday operations.

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Webinar: Tackling COVID-19 at Juventus


The COVID-19 pandemic affects football in an unprecedented manner. Juventus, located in Piemonte, North of Italy, was one of the first European topclubs to be confronted with the virus, and its impact on their activities.

Which steps did Juventus follow while locking down? Which precautions have been made regarding the facilities? And which mesasures will be taken when reopening the Allianz Stadium?

Francesco Gianello, Head of Allianz Stadium & Facilities

Francesco Gianello, Head of Allianz Stadium & Facilities, shared some personal experiences from the first row, regarding the road to lockdown, handling facilities during lockdown, and the strategy toward reopening.

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COVID-19 will definitely leave a mark on the future of matchday operations. Being a stakeholders organisation, we would like to provide you with an overarching report regarding the potential impact on the future matchday operations. We aim to involve various aspects, both in the short (e.g. actions towards current season ticket holders) and long term (e.g. willingness of fans to attend matches next season). This way we can benchmark various initiatives and select the common denominators.

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First results COVID-19 survey 

Based on the first input, ESSMA has assembled a preliminary report on the impact of COVID-19 on the matchday operations with more insights on the situation today, initiatives which have been launched in the past months and the challenges which we are all facing.

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