ESSMA Summit


The stadium industry underwent a significant change over the last years. Nowadays fans expect a complete different approach from their stadium: personalized commitment, direct interaction and fast accessible content.

Members experiences on fan entertainment, combined with ESSMA’s research & development, allows ESSMA to share expertise about different topics:

  • Fan intelligence
  • Fan experience
  • Fan engagement

Close collaboration with stadium members and partners allows ESSMA to deliver fan entertainment knowledge towards members through:

  • Content
  • Workshops & tours
  • Ask ESSMA online tool
  • Join the Fan Entertainment Manager programme


1. Content

ESSMA delivers fan entertainment knowledge towards members through: 

  • Tailor-made interviews with leading industry experts
  • In-depth articles concerning fan experience topics
  • Well developed case studies on fan entertainment
  • Download center: presentations on best practices

2. ESSMA Workshops & tours

In order to share those best practices, ESSMA provides workshops and tours to gain in practice examples on fan entertainment such as CRM, WiFi, Signage, Ticketing, etc…

Participate to the Fan Experience Tour 
that will give you a full insight in fan entertainment from examples in New York and Dallas. 

The ESSMA Summit allows you to participate in specific workshops, analysing specific cases. Please consult here the examples of Bayer 04 Leverkusen or Celtic Glasgow.

Check our upcoming events here.



3. Ask ESSMA

Ask ESSMA is an online service where ESSMA provides high responsiveness on individual questions of members on different fan entertainment topics. The 'Ask ESSMA' tool will transfer your question directly to our Fan Entertainment Experts in order to get a complete tailor made reply. Please note that you will need you ESSMA login details in order to get access to our secured member section.

4. Join the X-Manager programme 

'Join the Fan Entertainment Manager’ is ESSMA’s practical educational programme. It is all about one-on-one education where stadium professionals can experience match day preparations with other peers (equal professionals in comparable stadiums) in order to increase their management knowledge. This individual program is offered to a limited number of members on annual base. For more information about this service, please click here.


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