ESSMA Summit


Although worldwide football clubs are satisfying high standards and demands, industry keeps on moving very fast. Training centres become more important in the football world and clubs are paying attention on this topic. They develop training centers and they operate them till the end of commissioning. Those centers are important for the development of the club and the management. It is an investment in education, performance, innovation, quality, knowledge, profit, professionalization… Standing still is going backwards! 

Workshop tours on new training centres, combined with ESSMA’s research & development, allows ESSMA to share expertise on training centres through:

  • Content
  • Workshops & Tours
  • Ask ESSMA online tool
  • Join the 'X-Manager' programme

1. Content

  • Tailor made interviews with leading industry experts
  • In depth articles amongst new developed training centers
  • Well developed case studies on training centers
  • Knowledge Database: presentation on best practices


2. ESSMA Workshops and Tours

In order to share those best practices, ESSMA provides workshops and tours to gain in practice examples on new developed training centres. The ESSMA tour of various football training centres was held over the 21st and 22nd April 2015 and was most informative in terms of shared knowledge and learning. Together with 21 participants from different clubs, leagues and Stadium Partners we experienced two interesting days while visiting 5 venues in 3 countries.There were visits planned of best practices from RSCA and Belgium National football centre in Belgium, Lille Domain de Luchain in France, and Hotspur Tottenham training centre and Arsenal Training Ground in London. 

The ESSMA summit allows you to participate in specific workshops and analyzing specific cases. The ESSMA Summit of January 2016 in Bilbao will spend some attention on this topic. 


3. Ask ESSMA

Ask ESSMA is an online service where ESSMA provides high responsiveness on individual questions of members on fan entertainment. The 'Ask ESSMA' tool will transfer your question directly to our Content Experts in order to get a complete tailor-made reply.  



3. Join the X-Manager programme

Join the ‘X-manager’ is a personalized education track bringing practical insights into operations before, on and after ‘match day’.  This individual program is offered to a limited number of members on annual base, please consult the ESSMA staff for your specific interest.