ESSMA Summit


Blog MathiasI finished my Master's degree in September 2015, after which I realized I had no experience in the ‘real’ world. Although I was a bit skeptic at first to do another internship before I would start job searching, I have not regretted it one single minute.

After finishing my Master Applied Economics at the University of Ghent (Belgium), I decided to pursue my passion for sports by following a Postgraduate Sports Management course at the Free University of Brussels. Before starting my career as a sport professional, gaining experience was my biggest priority. That’s why I decided to do some voluntary internships first. Gaining on-field experience in event management and broadening my network in the fast moving stadium industry were the two main reasons why I chose ESSMA. Although the headquarters of ESSMA aren’t located close to my hometown (2h30 by train), the distance didn’t stop me to accept the challenge because I realised what a unique opportunity ESSMA offered me.

I have been lucky enough to participate to the first USA Fan Experience Tour with ESSMA last September with my ESSMA Corporate Member Representative hat. The program was both intense and exhaustive. Within 5 days, we were to visit seven remarkable sporting venues in both New York and Dallas and despite the hectic schedule; a handful of courageous participants I was not part of, found time to go for a run each time they could.