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Atlas FM is an authentic front line service provider focussed on providing bespoke solutions and developing long term partnerships. Founded 32 years ago our two owners Ray Empson and Nick Earley are still managing the growth of the business through both organic expansion and acquisition. Turnover is now £105 million with 3250 contracts and over 7500 employees but crucially we are extremely financially secure with no borrowing; so we offer our clients complete peace of mind that we will fully deliver through the contract term and beyond. Our average contract length of over 9 years is testament to our ability to evolve and innovate services, becoming an integral part of our clients service community and offering excellent value for money. We operate across the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland directly delivering all services including Cleaning, Security, Waste Management and Pest Control with expertise in a wide range of sectors including Sports and Leisure which are supported by a network of 14 regional offices.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

We are an authentic service business with over 30 years experience in the sports and leisure market. Our track record of innovation in both how we work and how we manage our teams shows we have a genuine capability to create bespoke service solutions for our clients. Our fresh approach and collaborative style together with our experience in other sectors means we can broaden the options and opportunities for ESSMA members and the sector as a whole.

We seek to fully participate in further expanding the aims and scope of the ESSMA community and contributing to the future success of the Association, whilst improving our market presence with prospective clients and sharing our innovation and ideas to mutual benefit.


Products & Services

  • Cleaning Services: Atlas FM offers a best in class cleaning service suite using the latest technology not only to provide the service but to monitor, measure and report on quality with real time access to always ensure clients are in control. This includes routine core workplace cleaning, housekeeping, residential cleaning, periodic deep and specialist cleaning activities, window cleaning, graffiti removal, builders cleans and decontamination. Our preferred method is to use our own people and equipment but we are supported by our appointed supply chain partners for certain technically complex tasks. We are known for developing bespoke and innovative solutions in challenging environments and we bring stadia and event experience but featuring a fresh approach to the presentation of venues and managing a positive fan experience.
  • Waste Management: Atlas FM can provide a complete recycling and waste management service together with our strategic waste removal partners. This covers all types of waste and we seek to maximise recycling and efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact. We use the latest technology including telemetry in compactors to inform us of exactly how full they are and time the removal exactly, this enables a weigh and pay tariff to be used instead of paying for the number of collections you pay for the volume of waste removed and processed. This ensures all parties are committed to making the waste removal and recycling as efficient as possible. We have established a track record of significantly improving recycling performance and working with clients and stadium partners to move to recyclable packaging thus improving performance at source.
  • Pest Control: Atlas FM manage our own pest control division where our technicians are trained to manage all types of challenges and perform to the highest standards of animal welfare and ethical conduct. We manage all types of pests from crawling and flying insects, rodents, foxes, birds and other animals across the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. Our unique performance promise to our clients is that we guarantee results and cost certainty in that if you follow our recommended treatment plan, then there are no further charges for any additional visits or call-outs required through the life of the contract. We manage pest control for over 1400 locations.


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Atlas FM
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