G.G. Defense Systems

G.G Defense Systems Ltd, is a certified Israeli design build defense contractor (with ISO 2008) that provides tailor-made solutions for complex protection applications, combining experience in force protection solutions and extensive knowledge of materials and technologies.

Founded in 2007, G.G Defense Systems offers custom-made solutions for various defense and HLS threats such as :
• Blast Mitigation (Up to 380 PSI*Msec)
• Ballistic Protection (EN-1522- Up to FB-7, EN-4569 Up to Level 5)
• Forced Entry Threats (Vandalism ,crime, massive terrorist attack…)
• Ramming Vehicles Threats ( 7.5 Ton Truck at 50Km/H)

What is your added value?

Providing various tailor-made force protection solutions for buildings, infrastructures and other platforms: (blast, ballistics, forced entry) offering live/battlefield-tested products using- full-size blast & ballistic testing.

Products & Services

  • Force Protection Fenestration Systems (Ballistic, Blast, Forced Entry): • Tested to the highest level of ballistic resistance: EN-1522 FB7, STANAG- 4569 up to Level 5. • High level of blast resistance: up to 320 PSI*MSEC. • High level at forced entry: 15 minutes of forced entry attempts according to international standards. • Window types (custom-made): fixed, sliding, operable, awning, exterior fences, curtain walls, secondary glazing systems, ballistic-rated glass stands. • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with long lasting resilience.
  • Energy Absorbing Cable Catch Systems for Windows and Curtain Walls. The Cable Catcher System™ is designed to protect the inner surroundings from flying glass and window debris. The G.G. Retrofit Cable System is composed of steel cables with special energy absorbing modules at the top and bottom, anchored into the ceiling and floor. The G.G. Retrofit Cable System catches the window as it moves inward under the blast effect and prevents glass fragments and window frame debris from flying into the building.
  • Unique portable Anti ram Barrier (live-tested and certified against 7.5 ton trucks at 50 Km/h): • Stops ramming vehicles and trucks at minimal distance (up to 13.5 meters). • Totally immobilizes the ramming vehicle (punctures tires, breaks front axles, destroys steering wheel system, punctures and severely damages fuel tank). • Portable, light-weight, durable, easily moved (includes wheel systems), modular. • Easily fits into most private car trunks. • Enables fast deployment by 2 people (3-5 minutes), no tools required. • Requires minimum storage space.


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G.G. Defense Systems

G.G. Defense Systems
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