iXpole is a innovative & professional sports management software, ready for the future! Organisations, such as contract management, customer engagement, fan registration,.. From our experience we noticed that most departments are missing the right tools for optimizing their work. By using our centralized and user-friendly solution, they will be able to pull back human errors, optimize the workflow and save costs and time.

What is our added value to ESSMA?

Our Sales Contract Management Solution is unique and specially designed for Sport Organisations such as Soccer Stadiums. Thanks to our experience in the field of hospitality and sponsorship contracts, in combination with the financial flow, we can offer ESSMA members a solution to optimize their workflow and service to their customers.

Products & Services

  • Sales Contract Management Solution - Optimize your Sales process by using our state of the art Sales Contract Management. This allows you to capture all the Key Data of your customer and his contract. Hospitality, sponsoring, led boarding, catering, etc. can be entered in the contract details and will give you a “one Click” overview of your available business seats, loges and VIP area’s for each match or competition.
  • B2B portal - Style your own B2B portal for your customers, so they can manage their own contracts and seats by adding or changing options. Let them print-out their match tickets or send them to their mobile devices, just by clicking. Ordering catering was never easier, just by selecting one of the available options. The administration and invoicing will follow automatically. Less effort, less errors and more service!
  • Fan CRM and Segmentation - Learn all about your fans and organize campaigns to acquire even more fans. Connect with your fans by using our solution and do accurate segmentation’s to improve your sales. You will have a B2C portal for your fans so that you can share and retrieve all the information you want.


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