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Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance efforts into opportunities, developing winning strategies and creating, enhancing and preserving value are at the core of what we do for Football organisations everywhere. Our relentless execution helps our clients to get the job done efficiently and right.

What is your added value to ESSMA?

Professional development of football stadia and other sports infrastructures development.

Products & Services

  • Feasibility study: we support clubs in refining new stadia development concept and to prepare enclosed feasibility studies for the new venues
  • Club valuation: Drawing on our extensive experience, industry knowledge and comprehensive Football Benchmark database, we apply robust methodologies to provide reliable and diligent valuation.
  • Business planning: Our expertise delivers significant value to the strategic planning process, critiques existing plans, highlights potential areas of improvement, along with the central co-ordination of critical documentation.


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KPMG Advisory

KPMG Advisory