Vissel Kobe strengthens the global ESSMA network in Japan

Vissel Kobe is one of the leading clubs in the J.League with a sustained ambition for excellence.

The club currently operates Noevir Stadium Kobe and is looking to increase activities and subsequent return. Thus, an in-depth knowledge from other leading clubs and stadium operators is of vital importance. By joining ESSMA, Vissel hopes to further strengthen that knowledge. 

“We look forward to meeting the other ESSMA Members and exchange best practices to further develop the Noevir Stadium Kobe, which holds 25,000 fans on matchdays currently.” says Mr. Kikuchi, Stadium Manager of Noevir Stadium Kobe

Noevir Stadium Kobe combines football and rugby in an efficient manner. 

Noevir Stadium Kobe is not only the home of Vissel Kobe, but also the Kobelco Steelers, a Japanese Top League rugby club. As two different sports have somewhat different requirements for the pitch, it is always a difficult exercise in planning the two competitions. With Japanese precision, the two calendars are being matched, which leads to a satisfying experience for both teams and their supporters.

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