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Join the 'X' Manager: ESSMA's practical educational programme

ESSMA’s ‘Join the ‘X’ Manager’ program is an educational programme whereby stadium professionals can experience match day preparations with other peers (equal professionals in comparable stadiums) in order to increase their management knowledge.

‘Join the ‘X’ Manager’ is a one-of-a-kind course launched by the European Stadium and Safety Management Association in cooperation with its members, to fulfill the demand of practical and hands-on training for stadium professionals.


The 'Join the 'X' Manager programma was very beneficial to us because it's a great opportunity to see inside other football clubs, how they manage the hospitality areas in this case. I can definitely recommend this to colleagues from other football clubs.

Alexandra Meshcheryakova - Head of Customer Services, FC Zenit


ESSMA acknowledges the fact that technical stadium tours and workshops & seminars are a very good way of learning and to meet interesting people. This experience takes it a step further and really puts things into practice.

In ‘Join the ‘X’ Manager all aspects in stadium operations are covered. The ‘X’ can stand for:

  • stadium in general
  • safety
  • pitch
  • hospitality
  • fan entertainment
  • etc...

Participants have the opportunity to compile a tailor-made programme depending on their expert area and specific needs. In cooperation with ESSMA, the right hosting venue is selected according to the individual demand. The programme is all about shadowing colleagues at other clubs (match day, day before and/or after), attending meetings, briefings, etc.. 


Curious how it works? 

FC Zenit was the first to benefit from ESSMA’s educational programme ‘Join the ‘X’ Manager’. Hosts were Emirates Stadium (Arsenal FC) and Etihad Stadium (Manchester City).


Take a look at the video



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