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Throughout the year, ESSMA is conducting several surveys linked to our six expert areas to help us to identify trends and best practices in European stadiums and ultimately creating a benchmark report with practical examples. By participating, you can help improve and expand our stadium industry knowledge. Once the results have been analysed, we will send you your individual benchmark. 




ESSMA is conducting a survey to gather input concerning the challenges and problems caused by no-show behaviour amongst fans.


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A fast and stable connection is valued by all fans and helps in creating a better fan experience. ESSMA is conducting a connectivity survey amongst its members to get a better understanding of how European stadiums value connectivity and the possibilities for the future. The survey should provide insights regarding the importance of WiFi, connectivity and 5G.


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Hospitality has become an increasingly important factor in stadium operations and development. Income from hospitality packages represent an important revenue stream for most stadiums and the landscape of hospitality facilities and packages are constantly changing. ESSMA is conducting a hospitality survey amongst its members to get a better understanding of how European Stadiums are handling hospitality and VIP experiences today and how they might improve it in the future. This survey is divided into 4 main categories:

  • Facilities
  • Packages & prices
  • Staff
  • Evolution & upcoming trends


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Mobility to and around a stadium can be an important factor to get fans to come to the stadium. Certain fans might be discouraged by traffic jams, expensive parking spaces, long walks from the parking lot to the stadium, a lack of infrastructure for bicycles, limited public transport possibilities, etc. This survey is divided into 4 main categories:

  • Car
  • Bicycles and pedestrians 
  • Public transport
  • Safety


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Stewarding is an integral part of stadium operations, yet a lot of clubs seem to have problems attracting and retaining their stewards. It is important that clubs provide their stewards with the right training and the right incentives to keep them at the club. This survey contains 3 main categories about the current procedures concerning stewarding at European stadiums:

  • Steward attraction
  • Steward training
  • Steward retention 


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 The preliminary insights of ESSMA's stewarding survey are available in ESSMA's Stadium Development Report Issue 4 2018 on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform.




This specific survey focuses on F&B and should provide insights in the F&B procedures and possibilities at European stadiums with a focus on:

  • F&B infrastructure
  • Catering staff
  • Payment methods
  • Queuing
  • F&B range
  • Data mining


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The preliminary insights of ESSMA's F&B Benchmark Report are available on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform.





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