Who says pitch management, says Leicester City Football Club & Tiger Rugby Leicester. The clubs are known for their high quality and maintenance of pitches. ESSMA therefore carefully chose those venues to inspire and educate all the Pitch Managers & Groundsmen in their network. 

Besides the 'King Power Stadium' & the 'Welford Road Stadium', they have a very large academy which has produced some of the most reputable footballers in the world down the years. Whether that is also due to their pitch management we would like to discover with you.

Join us for an interesting workshop and brand new insights.
Definitely well worth the trip to the UK. See you there!


Cost Efficient Pitch Management
Sustainable Pitch Management
Training Center

The preliminary schedule of our Pitch Workshop in Leicester

Note: this is a preliminary schedule, changes may still be made

Monday 4 September 2023

11h15:  Welcome & early lunch 

  • Lunch at Sports Turf Academy Leicester City

12h30:  Introduction & sustainable Pitch Management Leicester FC

  • Introduction by ESSMA
  • Presentation by John Ledwidge (Head of Sports Turf and Ground Staff) detailing the Journey of the Department
  • Dr Jonathan Knowles (Sports Turf Academy Manager) to hold a talk on sustainable pitch management. (Presentation around use of pesticides and fungicides).
  • Q&A

13h45: Coffee Break

14h15: Sustainable & cost saving energy management 

  • Corporate partner case study: how the industry contributes and helps clubs to optimize energy mgt during last season energy crisis? 
  • Leicester FC - John Ledwidge (Head of Sports Turf and Ground Staff)
  • Leicester Tigers Rugby - Ed Mowe (Head Groundsman) 
  • More speakers TBA 
  • Q&A

16h00: Sports Turf Academy Tour

17h15: Transfer to hotel (next to King Power Stadium) 

17h45: Check-in hotel // Refreshment

18h15: Transfer by foot to King Power Stadium

18h30: Stadium Pitch Walk & on pitch talk with ground staff

19h00: Dinner at King Power Stadium with a view overlooking the pitch

Tuesday 5 September 2023

08h00: Transfer by bus to Tiger Rugby Leicester

08h30: Interactive Tiger Rugby Leicester sports turf tour with head grounds management team

09h30: Transfer to Turf Academy Leicester City

10h00: Building a training ground - a talk given by Callum Allsop & John Ledwidge 

10h45: Coffee break

11h00: Tour of Leicester City Training Ground

12h30: Lunch (including option to have a takeaway lunch if visitors have flights to catch)

13h30: Transfer to airport 

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