ESSMA Fan Experience e-Workshop

ESSMA maintains the upcoming 2020 Fan Experience Workshop but opts for a new, digital format. As the global circumstances are unpredictable, it is more appropriate to collaborate online to ensure a safe environment.

The designed format should lead to real interaction and collaboration, with relevant best practices and insights.

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10 November 2020


The main themes of this year's edition will focus on:

Fan activation
Loyalty programmes
Impact of COVID-19

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Next year's 2021 editioin at Eleda Stadion

ESSMA Fan Experience Workshop in 2021

2021 ESSMA Fan Experience Workshop

Originally Eleda Stadion would host the 2020 edition of ESSMA's Fan Experience Workshop in November. However, given the current worldwide situation ESSMA decided to transfer all 2020 Workshops host venues to 2021 to ensure a safe atmosphere. The 2021 Fan Experience Workshop will take place on 2 and 3 November 2021.

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