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As it is currently impossible to organise (international) events, ESSMA has looked at other ways to keep you informed on all stadium-related topics. A series of webinars will be our solution to overcome this period of time.

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02 July 2020

Webinar 6: Ekstraklasa's restart and impact of crowd management


The competition in Poland has restarted a few weeks ago and several Ekstraklasa competition rounds have already been played. How did the Polish clubs prepare for it? And once fans are allowed inside the stadium again, how will they decide which fans can ente? Which social distancing guidelines will they have to follow? And how to adapt the crowd management flows?

Dr. Piotr Żmijewski, Head of LegiaLab at Legia Warsaw

Dr. Piotr Żmijewski will share Legia Warsaw's journey towards the restart of the season and how they have been engaging with it fans via the club app. As Poland is one of the first competitions to allow fans back inside the stadium, Dr. Piotr Żmijewski will also elaborate on which fans will be allowed to access the stadium and which guidelines to follow.

Andrea Soehnchen from the International Association of Public Transport

In addition, Andrea Soehnchen will share some insights on the upcoming changes in public transport and subsequent stadium ingress and egress, which might be useful to implement on matchdays.

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Webinar 5: Matches behind closed doors - experiences from Borussia Mönchengladbach


Setting up safe matches behind closed doors takes a lot of preparation and planning. In Germany, competition has restarted on May 16th, with an extensive roadmap, full of precautions and measures.

Matthias Neumann, Head of Security at Borussia Mönchengladbach

Matthias Neumann will share their experiences with you on June 18th. What is the situation exactly one month after the restart? How do matches take place, what measures are there in general? And how are they being put to practice? What works well and what remains a challenge?

And what about fan experience: is there some kind of live stream? Do fans stay away from the surrounding of the stadium? Is there more online activity before, during or after the matches?

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Webinar 4: Impact of hospitality segmentation on stadium development


Hospitality segmentation is becoming one of the top priorities when renovating or building a new stadium. Both perspectives are brought up during this webinar.

Everton FC's hospitality plans

Aidan Miller (Stadium Development Head of Finance) will share insights on Everton FC's plans of the new stadium, which will include 5,000 hospitality seats, a significant increase compared to the 1,400 seats at Goodison Park. Furthermore, he’ll discuss how they tested their new hospitality concepts at Goodison Park before implementing them at Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium.

Redevelopment of Liverpool FC's main stand at Anfield

Ged Poyton (Client Project Monitor Consultant) will elaborate on Liverpool FC renovation plan of the Main Stand at Anfield. This renovation was also impacted by new approaches in the field of hospitality.

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Webinar 3: Turning matchday staff into club ambassadors


Taking inspiration from several other big industries (theme parks, fastfood, retail...) Fiserv Forum created a tailor-made staff incentivation programme which is helping them to achieve their mission: becoming the friendliest arena in the world. Want to learn how to better your matchday staff? Register now to learn how Fiserv Forum's staff became matchday ambassadors.

Raj Saha, General Manager 

Raj Saha, General Manager at Fiserv Forum, will share insights into the matchday operations at Fiserv Forum and best practices on how to train your matchday staff into becoming club ambassadors.

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Webinar 2: Building the best fan zone


Fan zones are growing in a multitude of European stadiums. Today, about a quarter of stadiums are equipped with a fan zone. They differ in size and concept, but all have one thing in common: extending the matchday experience. When a stadium is considering a fan zone, there are a lot of questions to be answered:

Thomas Skøv Petersen, Marketing Manager at Brøndby IF

Thomas Skøv Petersen will focus on how Brøndby IF implemented their fixed fan zone which has been built on the core value of the club, namely the community and their fans.

Cristiano Vieira, F&B Operations Manager at SL Benfica

As of 2015, SL Benfica has invested in its fan zone, and recent seasons show very positive results in increased in revenue. Cristiano Vieira, F&B Operations Manager, will share the latest results and best practices during the webinar.

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Webinar 1: Tackling COVID-19 at Juventus


The COVID-19 pandemic affects football in an unprecedented manner. Juventus, located in Piemonte, North of Italy, was one of the first European topclubs to be confronted with the virus, and its impact on their activities.

Which steps did Juventus follow while locking down? Which precautions have been made regarding the facilities? And which mesasures will be taken when reopening the Allianz Stadium?

Francesco Gianello, Head of Allianz Stadium & Facilities

Francesco Gianello, Head of Allianz Stadium & Facilities, will share some personal experiences from the first row, regarding the road to lockdown, handling facilities during lockdown, and the strategy toward reopening.

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