ESSMA (The European Stadium and Safety Management Association) is awarding 4 annual awards for the best initiatives in marketing & commerce, sustainability, safety & security and development & renovations. Any ESSMA member can submit cases provided the potential nominee is an ESSMA member. After this, the ESSMA ExCo & Board will make a selection of the final nominated cases. The winners are elected by a vote part by the members and part by the ESSMA ExCo & Board. 

  1. Eligibility: 
    a. The ESSMA Stadium Industry Awards ("Awards") are open to all members of the European Stadium and Safety Management Association ("ESSMA"), including individual members (clubs, stadiums, leagues and federations).
    b. ExCo & Board members of ESSMA are eligible to nominate potential winners, but they cannot nominate themselves or their own organisation. 
    c. All nominations and voting must be submitted in English.  
    d. By participating in the Awards, participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions. 
    e. If a ExCo or Board member's case is nominated, he or she may not cast a vote.  

  1. Categories: 
    The Awards consist of the following categories:  
    1. Marketing & Commerce Initiative of the Year 
    2. Sustainability Initiative of the Year  
    3. Safety & Security Initiative of the Year  
    4. Development & Renovations Initiative of the Year 

  1. Nominations: 
    a. It is only possible to nominate cases of members who are members of ESSMA.
    b. After collecting all submissions, the ESSMA ExCo & Board will make a selection of four nominees per category. This nomination will be done by assessing the different cases in terms of innovation, creativity, results and inclusiveness. Each ExCo & Board member may give a total of 3 cases per category a point from 1 to 3. For each category, he or she will give once a 1 (3rd best case), a 2 (2nd best case) and a 3 (best case). All cases outside the first 3 will receive 0 points. The points of all ExCo & Board members will be added up and this will determine who the nominees are. 
    c. ESSMA members are encouraged to propose nominations for consideration by contacting the ESSMA Secretariat.
    d. Nominations must include a clear description of the initiative, its objectives, its results and the reasons why it should be considered for the specific category. 
    e. Nominations must be submitted by the specified deadline, as communicated by ESSMA.
    f. Each nominated club will receive a communication kit from ESSMA to use for promotion on social media and online. ESSMA expects the nominee to also actively communicate about this nomination the ESSMA materials will also be used for promotion. This may include: photos, videos, quotes, etc. The nominee will be required to tag and mention ESSMA in any communication regarding this. 

  1. Voting: 
    a. Once nominations are received, ESSMA ExCo & Board members will vote to select the finalists for each category as explained in section 3. 
    b. ESSMA members will then be invited to vote for the ultimate winner in each category from the list of finalists for each category. Only ESSMA members can vote for these awards.  
    c. Each ESSMA member (clubs, stadiums, leagues, federations and corporate partners) will be allowed to vote. Only individual persons which are registered in the ESSMA CRM database have the right to vote (1 vote per person). For example: club A is having 10 people in our CRM-system, so they have 10 individual votes. All the votes of the ESSMA members will calculate for 50% of the votes, the other 50% are determined by the ExCo & Board. The points are added up after which the winner is elected. 
    d. Voting will be conducted through a secure online platform designated by ESSMA (Bundeling & Limesurvey). 
    e. The voting process will be supervised by an independent body to ensure fairness and transparency. 

  1. Winners and Awards Ceremony: 
    a. The winners in each category will be determined based on the highest number of votes received from ESSMA members (50%) and the ESSMA ExCo & Board (50%). 
    b. Winners will be announced at the ESSMA Annual Summit or another designated event, as determined by ESSMA. 
    c. Winners will receive a trophy or certificate acknowledging their achievement.  
    d. A case can only win if its organisation is actually physically present at the ESSMA Summit where the award will be presented. If the organisation responsible for the case will not be present, the price will automatically go to the next case in the ranking who can attend.
    e. ESSMA reserves the right to use the names of winners and details of their initiatives for promotional purposes.  

  1. Confidentiality: 
    a. All nominations and voting results will be treated with strict confidentiality. 
    b. Only authorised personnel involved in the administration and management of the Awards will have access to the nominations and voting data. 
    c. Personal data left when voting on the cases may be used for communication purposes regarding the ESSMA Stadium Industry Awards or related topics as indicated in the privacy statement on our website  

  1. Disqualification: 
    a. ESSMA reserves the right to disqualify any nominee or voter found to be in violation of these terms and conditions or engaged in any fraudulent or unethical behaviour. 
    b. The decision of ESSMA regarding disqualification or any other matter related to the Awards shall be final and binding. 

  1. Modifications and Termination: 
    a. ESSMA reserves the right to modify or terminate the Awards or the rules at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. 
    b. In the event of termination, ESSMA shall not be liable to any participant or nominee.  

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: 
    a. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Belgium. 
    b. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Awards shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Belgium. 

 By participating in the ESSMA Stadium Industry Awards, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.