Pacifa decision

Pacifa is a 6-year European company which creates and develops innovative solutions to help Venue Managers in their daily work. Our focus is staff optimization and crowd control being linked to ticketing, access control and CCTV. As a result of our groundbreaking 3D technologies operational costs are reduced while improving general seats revenues. 


"Using the PACIFA decision software solutions has allowed me to reduce my operating costs by 15 to 20% per event. It’s very effective” Head of Security of a French League 1 club 

What is our added value to ESSMA?

PACIFA decision develops various tools all linked with the 3D model of the Venue. So, it could allow aggregating a lot of use with the same basis and not being enclaved in a single purpose. Doing so, we work with Venue Managers in Security Optimization, but also in online tickets selling and Marketing / Business Seats promoting.

We are a team of 20 fully dedicated to permanently upgrade existing tools and inventing new ones to always be on the cutting-edge of innovations. Our various origins and partnerships allow us to manage up to 9 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Slovakian, Polish and Russian) because our willingness is to be in direct contacts with your own managing teams in order to work closely together in a friendly and collaborating way instead of being a basic supplier.

We are adapted to work in every kind of venue. We have already experience with more than 50 venues.. Our existing references are our ambassadors to testify that it works and that it is worth it!


Products & services

  • 3D seating charts
    As a lot of companies already are doing 3D (architects, ticketing suppliers, etc.) and particularly in the sports’ market since the 90’s and in the US particularly, we have chosen to not basically reproduce the existing know-how but to develop a unique layer which does not exist yet in the World.

    PACIFA decision was so the first company in Europe to enter in such kind of process with a European top club, as we do for PARIS-SAINT-GERMAIN since July 2013, it’s online and it works and every game is sold out!

    Concretely we give you the possibility to apply a SEAT-BY-SEAT choice in a block view in 3D, as if you were front of the stands and then to launch HD 3D vision from your seat. Our specific algorithm to do so allows us to extract data of a 50.000 seats stadium in less than 24hours (Gallery below).

    Then, we provide the full package to your existing front office operators and your online ticketing process can be upgraded easily and efficiently without any modifications. We are adapted to every online process and of course our data work natively on every device (web browser, Windows, Androïd and IOS), and also in an offline mode.

    Above all you can keep during the whole online process your sponsors and partners advertising permanently included in the selected view during the buying process. It increases a lot the value for all the parties! And this makes our process unique.

    Finally concerning the 3D model itself, we have made the choice of a High Quality Rendering process for our models. We are so able to propose designing venues with an amazing quality of realization and such as transparency, shadows, chrome effects, etc. Quality always makes the difference.
  • Safety & Security
    With the current existing tools, you are not able to manage your staff needs in a couple of minutes if you want to know if you need 250 people, 267 or 232 to correctly host the coming audience. So we have built an efficient tool for that.

    Our software is a standalone 3D platform representing all your staff units everywhere in the stadium and on every level. It allows simulating a crowd entrance according to the back office ticketing sells for each event and time to make the bag inspection or body searching. With all these data, our algorithms (copyrighted and developed in a 3-year PhD.) allow you to optimize the exact needs of staff to foresee for each event up to the exact unit. At every moment, you can also watch at a virtual simulation of the crowds’ entrance according your own choice.

    Then during the event itself, it uses WI-FI technology to provide the Venue Manager with live information directly on his tablet. The safety manager can track his staff movements in real time, view CCTV live video streams or know the exact counting in turnstile for example. So it allows the safety manager to make a quick and educated decision by giving him clear details of the situation and simplifying the channels of communication.

    “Managing the dynamic of movements is a fundamental element of security in a stadium. This type of innovation allows hosting spectators in a safer way” Head of Security of French Federation of Football – 2012



  • • French Federation of Football (Stade de France)
  • FC Grenoble Rugby
  • LOSC Lille
  • Olympique Lyonnais
  • Olympique de Marseille
  • Paris-Saint-Germain (Football & Handball)
  • Stade Français Paris Rugby
  • Stade Toulousain Rugby
  • French Basket National League
  • France Galop (6 Hippodromes in France)