Seaters is the first global solution to optimize the occupation rate of sports and music events.

Seaters patent-pending innovative technology enables the electronic redistribution of empty seats for sporting and music events. Even though an event is sold-out, music and sporting events have between 1% to 10% empty seats at an event. Sources of empty seats include no shows, last minute cancellations of sponsor and corporate seats, (season) ticket holders and non sold-out event organizers. Redistributing seats with Seaters has several benefits to organizers and sponsors, including increased food and beverage revenue, stronger negotiating position with TV rights owners, lowering the scalped ticket prices and presenting a better image of no empty seats. Ticket seekers get seats at a fair price and enjoy a transparent objective communication.

What is our added value to ESSMA?

Empty seats are a pain for organizers and their sponsors. Seaters is the first global solution focusing on filling the empty seats. Sold-out is good, full house is even better. Seaters adds value to ESSMA bringing an innovative product to the members. Seaters helps venues to get full house, boosting food & beverage and merchandising revenues but most of all reinforcing the image of these. Seaters is also an innovative sponsor activation tool, thus bringing new fans to the game!


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  • RSC Anderlecht
  • Club Brugge KV
  • Olympique Lyonnais