When two people want to start a conversation, they often need a pretext.
Whether it is the latest news or the weather outside, any kind of hook is welcome to break the ice.
When a brand wants to meet the public or a company get closer to its customers… it’s the same!
And that’s exactly when we come into play.

How can a brand catch the attention of consumers walking in the aisles of a trade show or a shopping mall?
How can that same brand interest people on an event it sponsors –whether they are festival-goers at Rock Werchter or fans at a Red Devils game?
What can a company set up to ensure that its employees interact in a fun way at the next staff party?

All kind of issues that we have been handling over the last 14 years, building ourselves a unique expertise…

Our very specific core business is to design and set up fun and interactive devices that enable a brand to start a conversation with its consumers.

For each project, we will seek to suggest the most appropriate experience. This will rely on the Eventattitude DNA: Smile, Act & Play !

Products & services

  • Photo animations
    Photography is our first love, and the #1 conversation starter when used properly…We offer photo animations in all differents ways & styles. Custom made photobooth's, superselfies from 132m distance or 360° studio bullet point.
  • Video animations
    When consumers start acting while your brand is in the picture, the conversation is never meaningless… Always wanted to become the actor of your own tv-commercial? Want to present the weather forecast or skydive above Dubai? All is possible with our video animations.
  • Games animations
    Fun and games between consumers and brands make for a strong and memorable start ! Every oldskool game (pong, space invaders, simon says, memory) or newskool game (dots, fruit ninja) can be transformed in a branded game with integration of the products of your choice.



  • Belgian Football Association
  • ING (Football activations Red Devils, …)
  • BNP Paribas Fortis (Football activation around RSC Anderlecht, Tennis activations, …)
  • Engie (Football activations with Club Brugge, RSC Anderlecht, Standard de Liege, …)
  • Coca Cola ( Permanant photobooth in logo Stade de France)
  • Mastercard (Champions League Roadshows + Champions Festival)
  • National Lottery (Football, Cycling, Basket, Volley and Festival activations)
  • European Parliament (Permanent installations in Brussels, Berlin, Ljubljana, Strasbourg, Copenhagen)