SeeGrow Developments Ltd

Nature made it easy for grass to grow with a little sunlight, CO2, some water, nutrients and warmth. A shady stadium and a high quality demand from players and spectators are in conflict with the natural way grass grows. If damaged by play it is hard to recover it all the natural way rapidly. SeeGrow offers both an open and a covered growing system for stadiums, including light, CO2, water and warmth.

What is our added value to ESSMA? 

The ability to provide industry expertise of new grass growing, pitch protection and disease control technology.

Products & services

  • SeeGrow CO2 & LED growing systems
  • SeeGrow EnkaProtect
    Pitch protection
  • SeeGrow Disease Control



  • Chelsea FC
  • Wembley stadium
  • Man City
  • Stade De France
  • Tokyo Stadium
  • San Siro
  • Juventus FC
  • Fulham FC
  • Portsmouth FC
  • Liverpool FC