BioSec is the developer of the world’s first biometric palm vein recognition stadium security system for 100% personalised tickets. The system has 1 second authentication, FAR 0,00008% and can be integrated into 3rd party access control systems. The oldest reference is running since three years at the Groupama Arena in Hungary. In addition, BioSec has developed a complete electronic ticketing and access control system (barcode/RFID/NFC).


What is our added value to ESSMA?

We are an R&D company, with specialised experience in (biometric) mass management, ticketing and access control. We have been participating in construction of stadiums as green field investments, therefore have high level experience in the project management and the possible challenges and consequences when building a stadium. Besides providing solutions, BioSec has high level experience in the integration of high-tech solutions with traditional security and create complex security concepts. As creators of a 100% personalised tickets, we can contribute to the realisation of safe and family-friendly stadiums.

Products & services

  • StadiumGuard
    A complete electronic access control system developed for sport venues with barcode, RFID and NFC. The specialty of the StadiumGuard is its management software, which is the perfect assistant for fast decisionmaking in mass admission.
  • LifePass+
    A biometric authentication system based on palm vein recognition.
  • Security Consultancy
    With a specialty to integrate high-tech with security protocols.



  • Groupama Arena in Hungary
  • Stadium of NK Osijek
  • Vasas Stadium in Hungary (in progress)
  • TSG Hoffenheim (in progress)