Products & services

  • Design & Build
    Our Design & Build services are aimed at mitigating risk, with the intention of preventing incidents where possible across multiple sectors and industries, ultimately protecting people, assets and infrastructure.

    Founded in a risk based approach, when engaged on a program from the outset, we integrate the required aspects of safety and security from across the risk bow tie, ensuring a holistic, cost-effective solution.

    Our preference is to start with a Security Risk Assessments (SRA), to ensure we understand the risks you face as an organisation. Security Design and Masterplanning, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Training and Technology Solutions, are then applied as required, to cover design, operational, and technical aspects for a truly integrated solution.
  • Manage & Operate
    Our Manage & Operate services cover the concepts of Track, Monitor & Respond, all of which can be combined to offer a solution that ensures the safety and security of your people and assets.

    We provide the technology to track your people and assets, which can be monitored by your organisation with bespoke software or by our 24/7/365 Global Incident Management Centre.

    In short, we offer end-to-end visibility, management and responsiveness to risk through our 24/7 Global Command Center, combined with our technology platforms underpinned by real-time data.



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