CRD Protection

CRD Protection AB is an established and appreciate manufacturer of innovative and high-quality products to the defence, law enforcement and civil security sector.

Our product portfolio includes crowd control and perimeter protection solutions engineered, manufactured and patented by CRD Protection AB. We are also exclusive reseller in the Nordic countries of third party products from; PITAGONE - mobile vehicle barriers; LRAD – long range acoustic devices as well as other products.

CRD Protection constantly develops, adopts and improves new ideas and technology to meet the changing customer needs. Since CRD was started we have strived to keep society and people safe together with our customers within governments, authorities and companies.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

CRD Protection AB has more than ten years of experience developing products and solutions for crowd control, public management and riot control. We have unique experience from developing mobile fences that includes our Quick-Release function that maximize the number of fans and still have the possibility for emergency evacuations. CRD Protection AB has installed our mobile fences in the newest and biggest arenas in Sweden and Denmark.

Products & services

  • CROM – the Crowd Management Net
    Is the most compact and lightweight fence for guiding crowds in the world. Its unique features make it a perfect tool for security personnel or any other user that has a need for a lightweight perimeter protection fence. A 35-meter CROM is deployed and assembled in five minutes by two people and several units are easily stored in the back of a normal passenger car. A 35m x 1,2m fence – all in one bag.
  • TACRION – the Tactical Riot Net
    Is engineered, manufactured and patented by CRD Protection AB. It is probably the most mobile and lightweight high-performance fence in the world today. TACRION consists of a specially manufactured net that has a high force absorption which can quickly and easily be mounted between two fixed points to create an effective barrier to prevent or control riots. TACRION can also be used with a Counter Observation Screen that prevents people from seeing each other. TACRION can also be supplemented with a number of accessories for improved capability such as anti-climb systems, communication screen. It’s an extremely flexible and compact product and is easily stored in four units. A 2,5m x 35m TACRION is deployed and assembled within 3 minutes by 6 people.
  • TACRION Reinforced
    It has the same design as standard TACRION but with a core of stainless steel in every mesh to withstand fire and sharp objects. The TACRION design makes it an extremely mobile and lightweight high-performance fence. A 35m x 2,5m TACRION Reinforced is deployed and assembled within 5 minutes by 6 people.



  • Friends Arena
  • Tele 2 Arena
  • Brøndby Stadium
  • Telia Parken