everis ADS

everis Aerospace, Defense and Security (everis ADS) offers global solutions for the deployment of critical systems integrating reliable and innovative technologies from its own developments, directly or through its invested technology SMEs, as well as through the technology partners with which it has strategic alliances.

The company combines the strength of the everis brand with the flexibility and adaptive capacities of its technological SMEs to provide state-of-the-art products and services. everis ADS currently leads ambitious projects all over the world for top-tier clients that demand the maximum reliability, including governments, intelligence agencies, armed forces, security institutions and large international corporations.

Within the stadiums industry, everis ADS develops advanced solutions for enhanced security, including command and control, access control, biometrics, and intelligent video analysis, among others. In addition, everis ADS is technological partner of LaLiga.

everis Aerospace, Defense and Security is part of the everis Group, an IT consulting firm that achieved a turnover of 1,173 billion euros in the last fiscal year. Its offices and centers of excellence employ more than 21,000 professionals in 17 different countries.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

everis ADS' goal is to transform the stadiums in safer places deploying the latest security technology. To reach this objective the company has defined a security framework for sporting events based on a distinctive management model and advanced solutions. The company is working in areas such as access control, biometrics and intelligent video analysis. In addition the company is currently working to solve new challenges related to cybersecurity and unmanned systems.

Products & services

    LaLiga and everis ADS have developed and implemented a fingerprint access control system in order to enhance security. The solution provides clubs with more control and a better management of the stadium stands.
    everis ADS solution for facial recognition has been developed for crowded environments and it’s remarkably faster than other systems available in the market. This kind of biometrics is not invasive and it is ideal for access control, surveillance and forensic analysis applications.
    CASTOR, the event management platform developed with LaLiga, will be deployed in all the stadiums of the 1st and 2nd divisions (42 clubs).



  • everis ADS biometric access control solution has been deployed in 21 stadiums of LaLiga, including Nou Camp, Wanda Metropolitano, Mestalla, Benito Villamarín, Cornellá-El Prat, etc.
  • everis ADS facial recognition solution has been implemented in stadiums such as Centenario (Uruguay), Parque Central (Uruguay), Campeón del Siglo (Uruguay), Alejandro Villanueva (Peru), Minsk Arena (Belarus), GSP Stadium (Cyprus) and Samara Stadium (Russia).
  • everis ADS is providing consulting and engineering services for the design of the new Camp Nou Stadium “Future Camp Nou” in Barcelona, Spain.
  • CASTOR, the event management platform developed with LaLiga, will be deployed in all the stadiums of the 1st and 2nd divisions (42 clubs).