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    Power. Poise. Projection.
    COHEDRA is the go-to solution for applications where nothing less than great reach, excellent tonal definition and ultra-dynamic response will do. Although COHEDRA is a midsized line array, it has plenty of power and headroom to provide coverage for audiences of up to 20,000. Plus, unlike bulky big PAs, COHEDRA is pleasing to the eye and takes up little truck space.
    Definition. Elegance. Utility.
    COHEDRA COMPACT brings the benefits of bona fide COHEDRA transformer technology to compact line arrays. Designed for audiences of up to 5,000, this system delivers superior audio definition and stellar dynamic response.
    First-rate gigging rigs and demanding install projects are quickly and easily realized with an extensive range of optional rigging and stacking accessories.
    Versatile. Economical. Weatherproof.
    CADIS is a remarkably versatile and affordable solution for midsized to extremely large install applications. These rigs are routinely deployed in arrays of up to 20 speakers in larger municipal halls, music venues and football stadiums. What sets CADIS apart from the competition is its extraordinarily high useful sound pressure level. Equipped with IP44-certified rigging hardware and weatherproof polyamide enclosures, CADIS is right at home in a wide range of applications both indoors and out.



  • BayArena, Leverkusen, Germany
  • Audi Sportpark, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • PANJIN SPORTS CENTER, Shenyang/Liaoning, China
  • MOLODECHNO ICE PALACE, Molodechno, Belarus
  • Millerntorm St. Pauli, Germany
  • Hamm Eisporthalle, Hamm, Germany