More Effective Staff Scheduling, Safer Events and Happier Guests
Managing high-profile events is no small feat. From start to finish, disconnected systems make it nearly impossible to get complete visibility of security vulnerabilities, resource allocation and all stakeholders, including thousands of staffers and contractors. 

Stadiums, arenas and other event venues need one comprehensive system to manage every aspect of an event – staff scheduling, pre-event checks, incident tracking, payroll, contractor and asset management – in order to improve transparency, better mitigate risk and run events as efficiently as possible.

With the Aware Resource Management System (ARMS), event managers can:

  • Create event templates to track personnel, roles and qualifications, so that each workflow is properly managed during each phase of the event.
  • Dynamically redeploy resources during an event as required.
  • Better manage risk with incident tracking, pre and post-event checks and a real-time map of the venue that shows both resourcing and incidents.
  • Communicate with all stakeholders through one central system, including mobile management, mass-messaging, SMS alerts and automation notifications.

The result: A safer and better experience for guests, and a more transparent, proactive way to manage complex facilities and events. 

What is our added value to ESSMA?

We are now bringing our expertise to the Stadium Market. We will partner with you to provide software solutions modelled to your specific environment and needs. We look forward to working with ESSMA members to push the boundaries of technical solutions to improve safety and security while reducing costs in your Stadium.


Products & services

  • Resource management
    Manage all of your resources, be they event day or non-event day with AwareManager Scheduling. Real-time, effortless management of your resources, ensuring that the right people, with the correct qualifications and permits are in the right place and paid for the work they do.
    Highly effective mobile solution for your event staff.
    Dynamic, real-time dashboards to show you exactly where people are and what they are doing.
    Use contractors? Our system provides an effortless and transparent system for working with your contractors to get the people you need. Reducing your workload and giving you peace of mind that the contractors are giving you the correct people.
    Use our forecasting feature to manage your budgets, plus extensive reporting on all events.
  • Incident Management
    Manage all aspects of incident management with our latest generation of incident management. Quick entry from mobiles, two way communication, detailed and effective security, gather all the information there and then. Full audit. Fully customisable for your venue needs. Add your own incident types, responses, security, escalation and ownership models.

    Also provide pre-event checks linked to incidents to ensure all the correct follow-up work occurs.
  • Maintenance
    Ask us about our maintenance module. Our system is used in venues, properties and hospitals to manage all aspects of preventative maintenance.



  • Arsenal Football Club
  • New England Patriots
  • Boston Red Sox
  • New York Jets and Giants
  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City