IDOM is an Association of Professionals formed by Architects, Engineers and Consultants. With almost 60 years of experience, expertise and capability to provide the right professional services to cater for The Client’s requirements in every field, whether dealing with the challenges of large stadia and arenas or creating spaces for everyday practice of sports.

IDOM has been recognised with various awards in the field of Sport Architecture, having designed world-class venues of the highest quality and functionality, such as the New San Mames Stadium and the Bilbao Arena multi-purpose centre, also guaranteeing full coordination between architecture, engineering and the environment.


What is our added value to ESSMA? 

IDOM bases its expertise in Sports Architecture on an integrated approach (Architecture, MEP and Structure to the Clubs' needs) and on its commitment with the highest quality standards and cost effectiveness. We believe that this experience and philosophy will be very appreciated by the Clubs and ESSMA members that are planning to improve their venues.

Products & services

  • Stadiums
    IDOM offers a wide range of services regarding the design of Stadiums, from the complete design of the venue (architecture, MEP, structure, sustainability) to the management of the project focusing on effective cost and schedule control. IDOM's experience relays on the importance that it is given to the Client and its needs. With its successful case of the New San Mames Stadium as the main example of its multi-disciplinary capabilities, San Mames Stadium will host the UEFA Euro 2020 Cup and hosts regularly UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches, as well as La Liga matches, having the successful and historic Athletic Club of Bilbao as tenant. San Mames Stadium brought the sports architecture to a new level, achieving a unique football atmosphere and an iconic architectural design for the club and the city. Thus, its design has been recognized as World 2nd Best Stadium of 2014 at Stadium DB website, and has been awarded with the World Stadium of the Year award in the World Stadium Congress 2015 held in Qatar.
  • Arenas
    IDOM has a wide experience in the design and construction management of World-Class Arenas. Its two main projects, the Bilbao Arena and the Bizkaia Arena, are examples of multi purpose venues that are used for the most important sport competitions (especially basketball) as well as for a wide range of other activities and sports, such as indoor football, tennis, concerts, etc. On the one hand, Bilbao Arena is home of Bilbao Basket ACB Team and regular host of ACB and Eurocup matches. Bizkaia Arena, on the other hand, has been a venue in the FIBA 2014 basketball World Cup and host of the USA Basketball Team group stage matches, where the Bilbao Arena acted as a training facility also. As happened with the San Mames stadium, Bilbao Arena and Bizkaia Arena enhanced the basketball fan experience in Bilbao, but also have a community role, as they have been designed as multi-purpose arenas and are used for concerts and other sports. Bilbao Arena has also a public swimming pool and other sport-related community facilities.
  • Sport Centres
    IDOM has designed numerous sport complexes, civic centres and sports cities. Aware of the needs of every Client when designing a specific sport centre, IDOM is capable of designing a cost-effective project that suits perfectly in the community and enhances its quality of life.
    Best examples are the Langreo Sports Centre, a complex that merges with its environment and recovers an old industrial area, the Salburua Civic Centre, a new Centre that welcomes not only sports facilities such as swimming pools and a multi-purpose arena, but also community oriented premises such as libraries and meeting rooms. In addition, IDOM has designed complexes for professional sport performance such as the Xativa Sport and the Pau Gasol Sports Centre.



  • New San Mamés Stadium
  • Bilbao Arena
  • Bizkaia Arena
  • Pasaron Football Stadium
  • Langreo Sport and Leisure Centre
  • Salburua Civic Centre
  • Xativa Sports City
  • Pau Gasol Sports Centre