Musco Lighting Europe Ltd.

Since 1976, Musco has focused on the design and manufacture of sports floodlighting systems, from grassroots pitches and training grounds to professional sports stadiums and arenas worldwide. Musco offers solutions for both permanent and temporary floodlighting needs to the European market, where we have been operating out of our Manchester, United Kingdom headquarters for over 20 years. We have completed projects in over 20 European countries, and over 70 countries worldwide. 

With the development of LED in the lighting market, Musco has again found itself as the market leader in innovation, performance, and accountability having installed our LED solution at numerous stadiums in the Premier League, professional Rugby, NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, MLS, and others.  

What is our added value to ESSMA?  

As traditionally regional sports continue to cross over into new markets (ie. NFL to the UK, Rugby to the US, Baseball to Europe, etc...), Musco would like to exchange our expertise as a lighting designer of all sports across all parts of the world to the stadiums and stadium managers of ESSMA as they continue to look for new opportunities to showcase their venues on the world stage.  

Products & services

  • Sports Floodlighting
    Musco is a sports floodlighting manufacturer for indoor or outdoor applications; however, our expertise extends beyond just a typical supplier. Our team of engineers offer assistance in the project specific lighting design, mechanical design, and structural design of the lighting system. In addition, Musco is willing and capable to undertake the installation of the lighting system as well, offering a comprehensive approach to each project.
    All Musco systems are designed and manufactured bespoke for every project, integrating to the stadium or arena seamlessly as a complete lighting solution. In providing such a comprehensive lighting solution, all Musco systems come with a minimum 10 year parts and labour warranty and performance guarantee - eliminating maintenance costs and providing unmatched accountability.
  • Temporary Lighting Solutions
    Musco has the unique ability to provide a temporary lighting solution for a single event or match that can bring television broadcast level floodlighting to a stadium or pitch. With multiple options, including temporary structures, roof mounted racks, or mobile lighting trucks - Musco has the ability to provide a flexible and affordable lighting solution where permanent lighting is either inadequate or not possible.
  • Lighting Maintenance and Testing
    Musco has a team of technicians and engineers who can undertake maintenance on any floodlighting system, whether it is a Musco system or not. In addition, we offer floodlight testing services to evaluate the on pitch performance of the lighting system for either televised or non-televised applications.



  • Emirates Stadium (Arsenal FC)
  • Twickenham Stadium
  • Millennium Stadium/Principality Stadium
  • Aviva Stadium
  • White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspur FC)
  • Wimbledon (Centre Court)
  • Riverside Stadium (Middlesbrough FC)
  • Britannia Stadium (Stoke City FC)
  • Twickenham Stoop (Harlequin FC)
  • AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys - NFL)