Schréder is a group of 48 companies worldwide and a leading expert in the design and development of outdoor lighting solutions for safe, comfortable, sustainable and smart environments. Our goal is always to offer intelligent, innovative and responsible solutions with a clear added value for our customers.

As a Partner Beyond Light, Schréder provides innovative and integrated solutions that engage people with their environments. Our solutions include light, control systems and various software applications. We also act as a one-stop-shop partner offering a wide range of services from design to after-sales, financing and more.

San Jose in California, Grand Place in Brussels, The Bund in China, the Chamoise Tunnel in France and the Moses Mahbiba Stadium in South Africa are a few of our references.

What is our added value to ESSMA?  

Schréder is an independent family-owned business, active in lighting for over 100 years. Constant investment in R&D is key to Schréder’s success and innovation throughout the different ages of lighting. Today, with LED technology, our 10-year roadmap focuses on electronic and digital communication. We really feel that Schréder can bring added value to the ESSMA Fan Entertainment Cluster as well as synergy with the other ESSMA experts' clusters. We are all looking to:

  • create and contribute to incubator projects to test fan experience initiatives not only inside the sports building but in all the access zones for fans (car park, train station, paths, subway, …)
  • support sport and the profitability of sports venues
  • design user-friendly fan experience modules to make the fans and next generations dream. We looking forward to exciting fans all over the world with you.

Products & services

  • Sport Lighting with OMNIblast LED
    Light is crucial for sport practice and competitions. It is also paramount for an engaging fan experience and crystal clear HD broadcasting. At Schréder, we offer sport lighting solutions and façade entertainment for sport venues and international events such as the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games.

    Some of our main references in sport are Mineirão Stadium (Brazil), Belgrade Arena (Serbia), CUBO Olympic Stadium (Ukraine), Moses Mahbiba Stadium (South Africa), CFR 1907 Football Stadium (Romania) , Harbin Skating Gym (China)as well as many Olympic National Facilities worldwide.

    Schréder is also active in North America where The North American Sport Association and Venues has a long tradition and culture in creating an exciting fan experience and entertainment. Over the last few years, we have equipped various sports venues in the NCAA league including Penn State Bryce Jordan, Times Union Arena (NY), Maverick Center (West Valley City) and Texas A&M University Basketball Team.

    In addition to the improved lighting levels, we have successfully contributed to enhancing the appeal of theses venues for sporting and non-sporting events, thus increasing the number of visitors.

  • Fan Experience with OMNIblast LED
    The fan experience and crowd engagement must be really unique to make a difference: what makes you go to a stadium instead of watching sport from the comfort of your sofa with your HD screen?
    A moment, a day that you will remember …
    Fans want to be impressed; not only by the performance of the competing teams but by the facilities and the atmosphere as well.
    Sport venues provide a social and family moment with an experience that visitors cannot recreate in their sofa at home, even with beers, pizza and friends.

    We, at Schréder, believe that the fan experience starts from the moment the visitor enters the car park and continues during the walk to the stadium and all the way to the seat.

    Stadia and arena are digital high-ways: big data and Iot (Internet of Things) are here. We see Building Information Modelling emerging.
    Lighting is part of the digital world and is a clear extension to the big data and its interaction with our environment.
    Not only for sports fan but for any visitor that goes to a sport venues for e-games (League Of Legends or World of Warcraft), new sports such as Drone Racing or traditional events such as concerts, shows and conferences.

    Our Fan Platform is unique for every venue. It is an open platform which uses sensors to create interaction with the crowds and the sport & entertainment lighting such as a microphone in the fan zone creating
  • SHUFFLE - multi function pole
    Advanced fan interaction scenarios are made possible by our Intelligent multi-functional column



  • Mineirão Stadium (Brazil)
  • Belgrade Arena (Serbia)
  • CUBO Olympic Stadium (Ukraine)
  • Moses Mahbiba Stadium (South Africa)
  • CFR 1907 Football Stadium (Romania)
  • Harbin Skating Gym (China)
  • Texas A&M University NCAA Basketball (USA)
  • NCAA Penn State Bryce Jordan Center (USA)
  • Times Union Arena (USA)
  • Maverick Center (USA)