d&b audiotechnik GmbH

d&b audiotechnik operates internationally in the field of electroacoustics as a manufacturer of high quality loudspeaker systems for speech and music reproduction and sound reinforcement in public places. d&b has become recognized as one of the leading companies in this market by combining technological developments, system integration principles, quality of construction and exceptional standards of service and support. Loudspeaker systems created by d&b are used globally in mobile and installation scenarios for events such as live concerts, musicals, festivals and corporate events in venues from concert halls to theatres, opera houses and convention centres; gracing everything from the tiniest conference rooms to the largest stadiums.

The company headquarters are in Backnang, near Stuttgart in the south west of Germany. Research, development, production, central distribution, marketing and product management are all based there. A network of Distributors and Partners are responsible for further marketing, sales and distribution in their respective regions throughout the world.

What is our added value to ESSMA?

d&b provides expertise and solutions for versatile audio systems enabling sport venues to be operated as multifunctional event spaces. Being a market leader for touring concert events, fixed installed d&b speaker systems cover all requirements for audio in sport stadiums and arenas from superior speech intelligibility to transparent and powerful sound for high profile international touring artists.
d&b audiotechnik can help to understand the huge value of sound quality for the vistor experience and support stadiums and architects in planning efficient audio solutions for their projects.


Products & services

  • Loudspeakers
    All d&b loudspeakers deliver scalability, flexibility, diversity and maximum efficiency with dedicated rigging accessories and specific paint finishes for seamless visual integration or weather protection. Each loudspeaker features trademark d&b qualities: low weight, constant directivity control down to low frequencies, cardioid subwoofer technology and integrated flying equipment. The mobile d&b loudspeakers are intended for a wide range of applications, from touring productions and sports events, to live sound, performing arts and speech reinforcement. The installation specific loudspeakers are intended for integration within permanent installations, delivering an optimal sonic performance and visually unobtrusive design.
  • Amplifiers
    The d&b amplifiers are designed specifically to power d&b loudspeakers and are the beating heart of all d&b systems. All d&b amplifiers incorporate sophisticated Digital Signal Processing capabilities for comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filter functions, remote capabilities and user-definable controls. Specific installation amplifiers perfectly fulfil the needs of any permanent sound reinforcement requirement. Whether discreetly integrating inside a venue or operating in a rider driven performance space, these devices provide installation specific functionalities, including enhanced system status monitoring features. d&b amplifiers
    also incorporate active Power Factor Correction, which maintains a stable output when used with weak or unstable mains supplies and simplifies battery powered backup supply solutions. All in all, the amplifiers do more than drive d&b loudspeakers; they realize the full potential of the d&b system approach.
  • Software, Networking and integration
    The d&b software offers precise prediction capabilities along with advanced remote control and monitoring solutions. Together they provide an exact simulation of the predicted performance prior to actually installing the system, then seamlessly provide centralized remote control solutions for the complete management of the system from anywhere within the venue. The d&b ArrayCalc simulation software models the exact performance of the system in a given space defined by the user. It also ensures that the system is within mechanical and safety limits and will perform exactly as expected. The data defined within this simulation is used by the R1 Remote control software, which generates a graphical representation for controlling the system. Alternatively all d&b speaker systems can integrate into the control environment of other system infrastructure manufacturers such as QSC, Beckhoff, Peavey and others.



  • ANZ Stadium (AUS)
  • Amsterdam Arena (NL)
  • Derby County / iPro Stadium (UK)
  • Schwarzwald-Stadion (GER)
  • Estadio Chivas (MX)
  • Red Bull Arena (GER)
  • Olympic Stadium Helsinki (FIN)
  • Ernst-Happel-Stadion (AUT)
  • Abuja National Stadium (NGA)
  • RheinEnergieSTADION (GER)
  • Rice Stadium (USA)
  • Jecheon Stadium (KOR)
  • VELTINS-Arena (GER)