Cleverciti Systems turns the daily "nightmare" of searching for a parking space into a predictable, stress-free experience. Cleverciti Systems is a disruptive technology and big data company. We have developed a new, cost-effective and smart on-street/open air parking system and sensor technology, reducing CO2 emission and search traffic though solving many of the most urgent problems of the cities today. Each sensor detects and analyzes up to 100 parking spaces. Complete data analysis and data processing inside the sensor.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

Our solution can help stadiums provide a better experience to fans with a parking management system which makes finding and managing parking easier.

Products & services

  • Cleverciti Cockpit
    A back-office interface giving you access to all monitoring and control features:
    - Live control
    - Occupancy data
    - Daily/monthly statistics
    - Possibility of dynamic tarification
    - Prioritization of areas to be monitored
    - Optimising the control procedure
  • Parking Sensors
    Covers up to 100 spaces. Easily mounted on façades, street lights or existing masts without requiring roadworks. They identify and locate free and occupied parking spaces in real time and measure the size of the available spaces with a range of as far as 400 m and a wide angle of 320 degrees. Cleverciti Sensors all have:
    - Precision of 0,0005 degree
    - Complete data analysis and data processing inside the sensor
    - Reliable performance under temperature or light changes
    - Compensation of wind and vibration
    - M2M and Wifi data transmission
    - Onboard octagore processing
  • Parking App
    To lead drivers to the available spaces, reduce search time and traffic and ease payment. It shows free and occupied parking spaces in the most important streets of the city. Every 3 seconds live update: free or occupied.



  • City of Westminster
  • City of Bad Hersfeld
  • Ministry of Road and Transport Dubai
  • City of Cologne
  • Vienna Airport