Cupkeepers offers innovative designs of sustainable cup holders for cup and pint sizes.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

Value for stadiums:

  • Efficiency: More efficient bar handling with the possibility to offer small (18-33 cl) and large (25-55cl) Cupkeepers
  • Profit: even if stadium management pays the full cost, selling the Cupkeeper at bars will be profitable. In addition, part of the cost can be financed by a sponsor
  • Environment: A robust and high-quality alternative for cardboard cup holders as the Cupkeeper is made of food-grade polypropylene and can be recycled


Value for sponsors:

  • Visibility: Ample printing options on the handle and the Cupkeeper will be frequently re-used during many events


Value for fans:

  • Experience: A must have gadget of their favourite sports team with a beautiful design
  • Efficiency: One person can carry 12 drinks at the same time
  • Economy: The Cupkeeper is durable and robust so fans can enjoy it for many years

Products & services

  • Compact cup holder for six cups or pints in one hand
    The cup holder has a beautiful design, available in small (18-33 cl) and large (25-55cl) sizes. It has ample printing options on the handle and is both durable and robust. Furthermore, it is made from recyclable polypropylene.



  • KAA Gent
  • Royal Antwerp FC
  • KV Oostende
  • KV Mechelen