Commerzbank Arena

Short history

The Commerzbank-Arena stands on the site of its great predecessor – the legendary Frankfurt Waldstadion and is the home of German club Eintracht Frankfurt. It forms an integral part of German sporting history and has always been the focal point of life in the region. The Waldstadion has gone through many changes in the past and has now, at the start of the new millennium, been completely refurbished and given a new strategic concept. The Commerzbank-Arena officially opened during the 2005 Confederations Cup with a match between Germany and Australia (4-3). During the same tournament the stadium also hosted the final between Brazil and Argentina (4-1). Most notable feature of the arena is its convertible-style retractable roof.

Important events

In 2006 the stadium was one of the playing venues of the World Cup. During the World Cup it hosted four first round group matches and the quarter-final between France and Brazil (1-0).