Stadion Energa Gdansk

Stadion Energa Gdansk was elected for the UEFA 2012 championships. Amber and its’ natural beauty as well as waterfront traditions were the inspiration for the authors. Impressive dimensions, steel and concrete create a delicate form which reflects all traditions used in constructing ships.

Stadion Energa Gdansk has one of the most interesting steel constructions in Poland. Regularity ensures safety and stability, modular combination of polycarbonate sheets – optical aesthetics.

Stadion Energa Gdansk is not only a football stadium, but a multifuncional and modern sport, business and recreational object. It was designed to host big football events (41 620 spectators) as well as large scale concerts and other events.

The Stadium has a well developed infrastructure which allows it to function 7 days a week such as: Lechia museum, fan shop, sport pub, commercial area (9.000 sqm) –Recreation and Sports Centre - FUN ARENA.

One of major elements is also skate / cycling track (1712 meters) around the Stadium perimeter with electronic traffic measurement, connected with 3-city bicycle track net.

Stadion Energa Gdansk has also a modern conference centre, restaurants, VIP lounges as well as an Atom Club ( 1.400 sqm ).

The Stadium infrastructure will be further developed on site. It is planned to build a recreational and commercial facilities. 

IT Systems:

  • Detection and Fire Alarm System
  • Emergency Sound System Digital Addressable Light Interface 
  • Building Management System
  • Ticketing System
  • Point of Sale System
  • Cashless
  • CCTV Monitoring System
  • Stadium Access Control and Burglar Alarm System
  • Disabled Person Emergency Call System
  • Video-Phone System
  • Roof Construction Monitoring and Analysis System
  • Security Management System (integrated with Building Management System and Detection and Fire Alarm System)
  • Parking System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gus Dump Fire Suppressant System
  • Audio Sound System (integrated with Voice Alarm System)
  • Digital Signage
  • LED Screens
  • Audio-Video Systems for Conference Rooms
  • Central Clock System
  • Stadium TV Broadcast System
  • Equipment of Rollerskate Track
  • Stadium Perimeter Audio Sound System
  • Internal Power System
  • External Power System
  • Cable TV Systems
  • Data Centre
  • Internet Service Provider Access Node
  • Management System of Network Hardware
  • Voice and Video Communications System and Call Center
  • Data Centre Equipment
  • Facility Management System


There are 66 places for disabled people plus places for Stewards - located on Promenade 2. On every level there are toilets adjusted for the needs of disabled equipped with SOS system plus acoustic and visual signal.

Disabled people move through lifts and ramps (adjusted to fire protection regulations). There are two lifts designed for disabled – located in tunnel 1 and 2. Lifts are equipped with Braille code information. Disabled access their places through ramps.

There are 1:1 parking places provided – on P5 parking lot there are 66 parking places for disabled.

Stadion Energa Gdansk has gained an award in VI th edition of competition for „Disabled friendly object”

Stadion Energa Gdansk AWARDS:

  • The 1st place in the category The Best Sports and Tourist Design of 2011 in 5th edition of the Innovator competition, organized by Central European Quality Institute and the Adam Smith's Center.
  • The honourable mention in the 6th edition of the competition: A Friendly Place for the Disabled Persons 2011
  • The 1st place in the poll: Sports Arena of the Year 2011, which is organized by the monthly magazine entitled Sportplus
  • The 1st place in the poll: The best stadium of the Year 2011, which was posted on webpage
  • DEMES 2011 Award in the category of Sports Facility for multifunctional character of the stadium and business achievements
  • The 1st place in the category of Individually Assessed Facilities in the nationwide competition The Construction of 2011, organized by Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians, the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, as well as the Head Office of construction supervision
  • The 1st place for the stadium design, which was prepared by RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky, in the category of Architecture and Design, in the international competition:The Stadium Business Award 2012, organized by Xperiology
  • The award granted by the Pro Economicus Construction Club for the outstanding contribution to achieve a modern infrastructure for the UEFA Euro 2012
  • The honourable mention in the Steel Day in Aachen on 19th October 2012 Preis Des Deutschen Stahlbaues 2012
  • The 1st place in the category of Success of the Tricity in the poll: Wings of the Tricity 2012 organized by the city website,
  • The 1st place in the poll: Orzeł Pomorski 2011 (Pomeranian Eagle 2011), organized by the publisher of Magazyn Pomorski
  • The main award (ex aequo with the National Stadium in Warsaw) in the competition: The best sports and recreational facility 2012 under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Poland, organized the Polish Olympic Committee and Polish Sport and Recreational Infrastructure Association IAKS Poland /2013
  • The award: Gold Olympic Laurel 2012 granted to the authors of the Stadion Energa Gdansk design (Rhode-Kellerman-Wawrowsky GmbH+C Design Office) by the Polish Olympic Committee in the category of Architecture
  • The bronze medal for the best sports and recreational facility in category of stadium, in an international competition organized by IAKS International, the Olympics Committee (IOS) and the International Paralympics Committee (IPC). 97 best facilities from around the world took part in this competition
  • The award for the disabled friendly facility in an international 
  • Competition organized by IAKS International, the Olympics Committee (IOS) and the International Paralympics Committee (IPC).


In 2015 the stadium changed from naming partner and is now called Stadion Energa