Real Zaragoza S.A.D.

La Romareda is the home stadium of Real Zaragoza in Spain, which has an official capacity of 34,596.

The stadium went through various upgrades in 1977 and in 1982. La Romareda hosted 3 group games of the World Championship back in 1982. The stadium was also used for football group matches and a quarterfinal during the 1992 Summer Olympics. It became an all-seater stadium in 1994.

Works for the enlargement of the stadium were due to begin on April 17, 2006 and end in time for the Zaragoza Expo of 2008. However, a lawsuit was filed, claiming that the enlargement of the stadium would be to a detriment to the population. A judge ordered the suspension and the works were put on hold. The plan was to turn La Romareda into a 43,000 all-seater.

The construction of the stadium began back in 1956 thanks to the mayor, Luis Gómas Laguna. The ground prior to La Romareda had a capacity of 20,000 and was considered too small.

La Romareda was proposed as the Olympic Stadium in Jaca's failed bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

La Romareda boasts the bizarre claim to have Europe's deepest goal nets, which stretch back four metres. The nets also have a striking blue and white diagonal stripe design.