Malmö FF

With 18 Swedish Championships, 14 Swedish Cup titles and regular participation in the European Cups with the Champions Cup final in 1979 as the highlight, Malmö FF have a long, proud and successful history that goes all the way back to its foundation in 1910.

Malmö FF reached Allsvenskan, the top Swedish division, in 1931 and became Swedish champions for the first time in 1944. Since 1931, Malmö FF have played continuously in Allsvenskan with the exception of three seasons.

Our ambition is to play attacking, entertaining, powerful and pacey football. With this approach, we have had huge success on the field. But Malmö FF is so much more than just the eleven players on the football field. Player number 12, the supporters, are well renowned for the passionate atmosphere they create during our home games.

Our home ground, Swedbank Stadion, mainly owned by the club, is a modern UEFA Category 4 rated stadium with a capacity of 24,000 (21,000 during international games).