Stadium Crowd Solutions

We offer the most mobile, flexible and cost-effective net barriers on the market. Our solutions are specially designed to maximize crowd management, crowd control and fan segregation for any type of stadium, both inside and outside of the stadium or arena. All our customers have increased ticket sales and now offers a safer fan experience, simply by using our unique barriers. 

Our solutions have been developed in collaboration with the largest football clubs in the Nordic countries, for crowd management at non - low or high-risk football games and other events. 

Also, it has contributed and increased safety and sales at both local and international derbies. 

The main benefits are: 

  • Safety 
    In high-risk games our solutions can withstand the pressure of large crowds. The net barriers come in different hights, lengths, and breaking forces.  
  • Time efficient 
    The net barriers ‘buy time’ for the security staff, so that they can get into position wherever a special situation may occur in the stadium. 
  • Earn more money 
    The net barriers can be used everywhere at the stadium e.g., to adjust the number of seats between home and away fans, which makes it possible to sell more tickets and earn more money. They require less staff to deploy, redeploy and transport as well as minimum space for storage.  
  • Fast deployment 
    The compact and light weight design makes the net barriers the world’s fastest barriers to deploy and redeploy. 
  • Flexible installation 
    The net barriers can be mounted anywhere and are very difficult to climb due to the flexible net. 
  • Unique safety construction
    All net barriers can be upgraded with a quick-release which makes it possible to open the total length of the barriers in a matter of seconds in case of an emergency. It makes them the only barriers accepted by fire inspections at selected stadiums in Scandinavia. 
  • Modern design 
    The net barriers are designed to be soft and inviting, creating a feeling of being welcome. They have also been designed with special colors that makes the barrier blend in with the surroundings. 
  • Sustainability 
    Less energy consumption during production, less CO2 during the production process and less fuel emissions.  

Added value to ESSMA

Stadium Crowd Solutions provide the most cost-effective options for crowd management and crowd control on the market, no matter if it is non - low- or high-risk events. It gives the stadiums the opportunity to maximize available seats and increases the income possibilities to sell more tickets and reduce the need for security personnel and staff in a totally new and unique way. The modern design makes it a very attractive option compared to other type of barriers – creating a safe and open stadium for all fans and visitors. 

Products & Services

  • Unique barriers and solutions for crowd management and crowd control, both inside and outside stadiums
  • Specially developed “Quick release” for the fastest emergency and evacuation option available
  • Crowd management - advisor, supervision, manufacturer, OEM and system house


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Stadium Crowd Solutions

Stadium Crowd Solutions
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