Veridas is a technology company that offers solutions to verify the real identity of people in the digital and physical space. We do this by developing proprietary technologies for facial biometrics, voice biometrics, identity document verification, and AI-powered IoT devices.  

We were born with the purpose of guaranteeing the right to use people’s real identity, in the digital and physical world, we have the vision of a future without passwords in which people are recognized, in a private, secure and voluntary way, for being who they are. We own an end-2-end solution that offers a complete cycle from identity verification or enrollment, different biometric access modalities, integration with third-party systems and information management and monitoring. 

In short, with our platform you will be able to verify a person’s identity remotely in less than 1 minute, and offer a frictionless, fast and secure access experience to your facilities.

Products & Services

  • Facial Biometric Access
  • Identity Verification and User Registration
  • Analysis and Management


Employee management Visitor management Sport Clubs and Stadiums Gambling Prevention Border and travel management


Access management and identity verification platform



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