Brussels Airport Consulting

Brussels Airport Consulting was founded in 2019 by directing all the expertise and knowledge of an advanced and recognized airport. Our goal is simple: support clients worldwide in leveraging their full potential with our proven methodologies and innovative solutions. We currently operate in five practice lines: Airport Operations, Security, Safety, Passenger Experience and Cargo. With Brussels Airport Consulting, a driven & experienced partner is committed to delivering tangible results to your organisation. To support you even better, we have also united with key players in each of our practice lines to provide turnkey technical solutions where they are required.
Becoming a world-leading reference as consulting services provider is what drives us every day. Maximize the capability of companies to face the growing number of customers, better manage the safety & security in a context of terrorism, increase the efficiency of operations to solve complexity or anticipate new technologies that are changing the industry landscape are only a few of the challenges our clients have to deal with.

What is your added value to ESSMA?

Brussels Airport Consulting promises a hands-on expertise related to safety, security and flow management which can be leveraged to other industries, for instances public venue.

Products & Services

  • Security Excellence need structure and discipline to ensure the company to be able to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover threats. At Brussels Airport Consulting, we defined 8 different enablers that will make it possible. Brussels Airport Consulting can design, assess and improve your security.
  • Safety can be considered as a constraint (ensure legal compliance, retain operating license, etc.) or as an enabler (improve business performance, be preventive, proactive and in the end predictive, increase customer satisfaction or even push the organization to innovate). At Brussels Airport Consulting, we definitely consider it as an enabler. Brussels Airport Consulting can set up, perform, control and improve your safety.
  • Flow Management is mandatory to improve security without harming the supporter experience. Brussels Airport Consulting can design, assess and improve your supporter flows.


Increase Security Maturity Level at Royal Antwerp FC

Brussels Airport Consulting

Brussels Airport Consulting