CE Facilities Services

CE Facilities Services is a market leader in providing total or single facilities management services to a wide range of businesses across the UK and France. The company has over 12 years of experience in delivering cleaning services and offering other facilities management solutions to some of the biggest stadiums and arenas in Europe. We have developed a fantastic reputation in the industry based on being able to deliver consistently high quality services at the busiest and most prestigious venues within our remit.

What is our added value to ESSMA?

As an experienced market leader in the provision of facilities management services to a number of stadiums we feel are knowledge base is a deep one and can be shared with other members of ESSMA. We have always been passionate about innovation when it comes to new technology, especially in terms of environmentally friendly developments and we hope to share our advances with other members. Our motto when it comes to our clients is AddingValue365 and this is extended to the organizations we are members of as well.

Products & Services

  • Security Services: Cleanevent Group can provide security services to venues through our subsidiary company CE Security.
  • Total Facilities Management: Along with our cleaning and security services we are partnered with another firm to provide a package of both hard and soft facilities management services.
  • Venue & Event Cleaning: We specialise in providing cleaning services for some of Europes largest stadiums and arenas.
CE Facilities Services

CE Facilities Services
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