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FixForm is a startup based in Leuven, Belgium. FixForm has created a SaaS platform that allows any potential problem in a space or building to be easily reported, managed and solved using QR Codes.
It lowers the barrier to reporting problems by enabling anyone to become a messenger with just a click of a photo.
It uses data to improve your operational planning and helps you move from reactive to proactive problem solving.

Added value to ESSMA

FixForm can be used in several facilities, including stadiums and training facilities. Because it works with QR codes, anyone can report problems at any time.
This ensures that there will never again be an empty fridge in the boxes on matchday, or that everything is prepared before the supporters arrive.
Because reports come in live on 1 platform, problems can also be solved immediately.

Are you curious about how FixForm works? Then be sure to watch this video or read more about it in this customer story!

Products & Services

  • Software-as-a-Service Facility management platform


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