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G2K Group stands for AI made in Germany. The tech company's experience extends across all disciplines of value creation from data, from collection, transformation, correlations, networking to smart action derivation. Along this entire value chain, G2K has developed its own Artificial Intelligence (Parsifal), which understands and evaluates complex situations and provides suitable proposals for action. The three main field of applications are threat protection in preventative security management, gaining customer insights for experience optimisation and reducing of infection risks to contain COVID-19. G2K is a member of the German Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence (KI Bundesverband) and founding member of the German Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (BSKI).

Products & Services

  • G2K COVID CONTROL: COVID-19 has become a worldwide menace to the way we live. At G2K we have developed several solutions that can help overcome this crisis and allow for a sustained return to public life including: contactless body temperature screening, AI-based automated face mask checks and automated people counting & entry system.
  • G2K SECURITY MANAGEMENT: G2K's Parsifal Platform helps you get a grip on complicated situations. Powered by AI, Parsifal recognises critical instances as they happen, allowing you to defuse or prevent them. This includes real-time detection of threat situations like falling, unattended objects, loitering, tumult or fighting. Virtual perimeters allow you to keep your restricted areas checked automatically. Furthermore, Parsifal can manage physical access to your infrastructure. Using state-of-the-art face recognition you will never miss a VIP or blacklisted person again.
  • G2K EXPERERIENCE OPTIMISATION: G2K's Parsifal platform allows you to detect demographic characteristics (e.g. gender and age) of your customers and visitors allowing you to fully understand them and guide you in tailoring their best possible experience across all touchpoint. The platform also allows you to gather essential insights on the flow and behaviour of your visitors. By providing heat maps of visitor flows, Parsifal allows you to optimise your offerings and the visitor experience in terms of facilities, variety and product mix.


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G2K Group

G2K Group
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