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Momentus Technologies (formerly Ungerboeck) is a global provider of industry-leading venue and event management solutions that empower organizations to create extraordinary moments. 

With a user base exceeding 60,000 in more than 57 countries, Momentus serves the needs of stadiums and arenas, convention and exhibition centers, higher education, corporate, and arts and culture.

Its powerful intuitive platform alongside intelligent data-driven solutions and unparalleled expertise provides customers a view of past, present and future event operations to increase end-to-end visibility, optimize efficiency and achieve business goals. In April 2023, the company announced its acquisition of WeTrack, a rapidly growing leader in stadium and venue operations software with theirsustainability tracking, incident management and control room modules. 

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Added value to ESSMA

Momentus All-in-One Platform 

  • Attain full visibility: Improve communication with a single source of truth for the planning and operations of events at stadia and venues. 
  • Unity Teams: Provide one modern, mobile-friendly user experience to enable your staff to fulfill duties efficiently.
  •  Improve Workflows: Automate processes –to capture all details around incidents, logs and jobs.
  •  Increase Efficiency: A single source of truth across operations provides increased awareness and drives efficiency across multiple departments. 
  • Maximize Reports: Automate repetitive tasks like end of day reporing and schedle reports ot be delivered to the inbox of relvant stakeholders. 
  • Produce Reports: Access detailed, intelligent reports and dashboards for insights to optimise event management and with trend analysis reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

 WeTrack Module 

  • Secure Venue Checks: Plan, map and schedule your programme of checks. With central dashboards giving live visibility over all checks being carried out across your event and venue(s) and a full audit trail for every check, you'll feel more secure about the readiness of your event. 
  • Effective Incident Management: Be ready for when something goes wrong. With contingency planning and checklists, geolocation, superb mobile experience, indelible audit trails and bespoke reports for post-event wrap-up, you'll be ready to manage incidents properly. 
  • Dynamic Jobs Fulfilment: Create, track and manage multiple jobs and tasks across your venues, stadia and events. useful for anything from maintenance issues and tasks that arise out of incidents, to standard operating plans and end-of-day reporting.

Products & Services

  • Momentus Platform: A comprehensive suite of end-to-end venue and event management software solutions, including CRM, venue booking, registration, event planning, reporting, financials and more.
  • Momentus Risk Manager: An event planning risk assessment solution to help identify, assess and control foreseeable risks that could impact the success of your events.
  • Momentus Sustainability: A solution for setting, tracking and measuring the social and environmental impact of venues and events.
  • WeTrack Incident Management: A robust set of tools to report, record and resolve incidents effectively, communicating information, deploying pre-built plans and notifying affected parties.


Ascot, Southampton FC, Northampton Rugby, more than half of the NFL, NBA, NHL as well as MLB, MLS, Premier League stadiums and many others“The Momentus team is extremely helpful to tailor the platform to each venue's specific workflow.” - Tampa Bay Sports Authority / Raymond James Stadium“The collaboration and support from the management team was excellent and continues to be” - Wimbldeon“This is the smoothest software implementation we have experienced in recent years.” - VenuesWest

Momentus Technologies

Momentus Technologies