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Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications and analytics. Our technology platforms in communications, command center software, video security & analytics, bolstered by managed & support services, make communities safer and help businesses stay productive and secure. Founded in 1928, Motorola has a history of innovation that has revolutionized communications. From pioneering mobile communications in the 1930s and manufacturing equipment that carried the first words from the moon in 1969, to supporting modern-day emergency response equipment, Motorola Solutions has a global footprint with solutions that demonstrate our thought leadership.

Every day, our enterprise and public safety customers rely on effortless and reliable communications to keep business thriving and communities safe. They call it their lifeline. At Motorola Solutions, we not only build that lifeline, we advance it every day through our commitment to innovation. Our drive for continuous innovation and partnership with our customers enables them to be ready – in the day-to-day moments, and in the moments that matter most.

What is your added value?

From sporting events to live concerts, the world’s stadiums host millions of visitors each and every year. Creating a positive and secure visitor experience while maintaining efficient, streamlined operations is the promise stadiums make. But delivering on this promise is only achievable with a foundation of safety. Everything starts with safety. It’s the centre that holds stadium operations together.

At Motorola Solutions, we’ve created the first and only end-to-end enterprise technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics in a single platform. Our Safe Stadiums solution provides you with the foundation of safety you need by addressing the unique challenges of your facility. We’ve also reimagined how the technologies used to help keep stadiums safe, can do even more — driving efficiencies, improving productivity and providing better outcomes. Because safety, efficiency and productivity are deeply interconnected. With the right technologies, you can be faster, smarter, more focused and resilient — better at everything you do.

By bringing together the technologies and solutions you need to detect, analyze, communicate and respond, we’re ensuring your stadium is better equipped to prevent threats and enabling modern incident and operational management. Video technologies that capture the present, survey large crowds and see the unseen. Advanced software that centralizes command amid chaos. Mission-critical communications that connect across devices and networks so your team is always informed. All amplified by integrated analytics that quickly identify points of interest across widespread areas. All integrated to empower you to keep your finger on the pulse of your venue keeping visitors, staff and vendors safe and secure.

Products & Services

  • HD Security Cameras featuring our next-generation video analytics technology
  • Avigilon Control Center 7 an easy-to-use, AI-enabled VMS to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed.
  • MOTOTRBO™ Portable Radios that Connect your entire operation


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Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions
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