Recreational Systems International

Recreational Systems International is the holding company for a group of companies specialized in sports infrastructure. Focused on (stadium) pitch management.

The group has the vision is to be a one stop shop for stadiums with multiple INNOVATIVE solutions on pitch management. The European made high end product range encompasses at this moment 5 specific product lines:

  • Hybrid turf systems
  • RHENAC LED Grass grow lighting
  • Protective Covering systems
  • Modular artificial turf pitches
  • Electrical based heating systems 

Our systems and products adhere to the highest EN norms. Our products are produced under ISO-9001 label and even in various cases even under ISO-14001. Our product philosophy is to service stadiums/clients with better solutions, improving performance while reducing the total cost of ownership, i.e. the operational costs related to energy and labor.

What is our added value to ESSMA? 

Premium-quality, innovative and sustainable sports infrastructure thanks to this high-end platform, RSE-I delivers all-encompassing services and concepts for stadiums, sport domes, events, etc. We incorporate a holistic approach and work as a one-stop-sho. This is how we can make extensive use of the expertise within our own companies, but also the know-how of the experienced network which we have carefully built up over the last 20 years. 


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Recreational Systems International

Recreational Systems International
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