Our software makes sure that employees, suppliers, partners, volunteers and other parties know the safety plans, protocols and agreements and that they're able to implement and execute them.

What if a calamity happens unexpectedly? We'll make sure that the organization is able to take effective, predictable and safe actions to control the situation.

Our software is available via browser and app and consists (amongst other things) out of a logbook, a task management system and a tool for briefings.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

Safety is one of the most important aspects of your business. Often a shared responsibility: government, police, fire department, the owner of the location, the security company and many others. Therefore a thorough preparation is crucial.

The software of Safesight guarantees that all people involved, know and accept their responsibilities and tasks. And we enable your organization to make safety information available in real-time. In this way we help you to be in control, so you can minimize the possibility and impact of any kind of incident.

Products & Services

  • Logbook: In the logbook all notifications, actions and issues related to the safety and continuity of an event (or organization), are registered. This can be done with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The logbook is saved to ‘the cloud’. This enables management to - real-time - know what is happening during an event. From whatever location they’re at. Because all information is immediately saved in our system, clients build a valuable database. This is how we help organizations to continuously share knowledge, learn from (possible) mistakes and to grow as a company.
  • Personal checklists & monitoring: All necessary information for organizing a safe match - including all tasks of all parties - is made accessible via our software. The several ‘to do’s or ‘to knows’ will be send periodically from our database to all users of the app. For example the communications advisor’s task of doing a social media scan. Or the security’s task to check all emergency exits. If a task is not completed, this will be shown in the system via a dashboard. This enables management to take timely action and make sure everything is executed as planned.
  • Briefing tool: With the Safesight app, every stakeholder will have up-to-date information on their phone: (role specific) briefing, program, safety plans or floor maps, personalized to-do lists, evacuation maps, etc. Authorized users also have access to the organization’s logbook. Because users need to accept their information, responsibilities and tasks via the app before their shift starts, everyone knows what is expected of them at any moment (when they’re preparing, during the shift or in case of an incident).


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