The practice falls within a spirit of polyvalence, working in numerous fields from cultural facilities, stadiums, hospitals, universities, accommodation, hotels, offices, commercial premises, infrastructure and urban planning to design and interior decoration. At SCAU they believe that a project is born out of encounters, points of view and exchanges, that it is created when their differences, knowledge and sensibilities dare to mingle, to challenge, to surpass themselves. SCAU favours transversal exchanges thanks to its numerous architects, engineers and graphic designers, with multiple skills and of different nationalities. Spaces of creativity of infinite richness are thus formed which have the intelligence of the collective and the singularity of the unique. Relentlessly, SCAU cultivate this spirit of singular collective where each talent expresses its own vision and participates in the dynamics of the project; in the exchange, debate, initiative, trust. When they explore, dream, evolve, win or lose, when they provide a solution, full yet simple, complex yet obvious, it’s always a whole.


What is our added value to ESSMA?

SCAU has a wide experience in the design and construction of stadiums including World Cup and European Cup venues.

Products & Services

  • Architecture and Masterplanning


Stadium Square Concept (2014)Vélodrome Stadium, Marseille (2014)Shanghai Stadium, China (2016)Océane Stadium, Le Havre (2012)Hainaut Stadium, Valenciennes (2011)Casablanca Stadium, Morocco (2010)Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul (2003)Suwon Stadium, Korea (2002)Stade de France, Paris (1998)