SGL offers technology to create a top quality grass surface for every game:

  • Even the game after a 5-day concert
  • Also the ones during a cold winter
  • And the ones during a hot summer
  • As well as the tournament final


Data 24/7 for complete insights into your playing surface

  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Save money
  • Make objective and proactive decisions


Grass growth across the entire surface, all year round

  • Improve quality of play
  • Increase player safety
  • Increase event revenue 


Keep your grass healthy and safe in a sustainable way

  • Reduce ecological footprint
  • Improve sustainable image

Read the AZ Alkmaar case study


Products & Services

  • SGL Analyser: Remote pitch monitoring
  • SGL Assist: Support programme
  • SGL Mobile Units: Lighting rigs

Grass growth technology