Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei is today one of the most important producers of adhesives and ancillary products for laying all types of floor, wall and coating materials and is also specialized in other chemical products used in the building industry, such as waterproofing products, special mortars, admixtures for concrete, products for concrete repair and finishing, etc.

Regarding sport facilities, Mapei's experience dates back to 70's when the use of high performance epoxy-polyurethane adhesives developed at Milan R&D Laboratory started for the first installations of Olympics athletic tracks. Since then, Mapei technology have been widely used worldwide, following the major events organization. Over years, sport surfaces performances became more and more specialized and demanding. Therefore, Mapei promptly provided for an answer to the market needs by having a team totally committed to Sports System Technology. The company now offers an overall range of cutting-edge technical solutions for both construction and refurbishment of any kind of sport surfaces: acrylic resins for tennis hard courts, adhesives for artificial turf installation, acrylic resin multilayer systems for renovation of velodromes, skating rinks, stadium security paths, waterproofing membranes for swimming pools and concrete structures (such as arenas), etc.

What is our added value to ESSMA?

  • Long term experience in concrete repair, strengthening, waterproofing and protection worldwide;
  • Wide expertise with most of the well-known designers worldwide, dealing with the upmost demanding project requirements;
  • Tailor made technical solutions for renovation projects, providing upon request technical inspections of the facility with senior engineers on site.

Products & Services

  • Mapecoat TNS technology - Mapecoat TNS technology is based on a range of sprayable and easy-to-apply rapid film-forming acrylic top coatings for concrete protection. High performances of these products include as well superior non-slip properties and especially long-lasting resistance to UV rays action, leading to excellent aesthetic results in combination with safety requirements for venues.
  • Purtop system - Roofs, arenas and driveways each and every one come across with various types of surfaces to be waterproofed: the Purtop range of spray-applied, two-component and seamless polyurethane membranes is the high-tech solution for providing protection for your stadium.
  • Mapesoil technology - Regardless the type of grass installed (hybrid, natural or artificial), the pitch drainage is recognized as being of paramount importance to stadium managers and groundsmen. Mapesoil technology is based upon modified hydraulic binders specifically designed for improving pitch drainage, to achieve superior infiltration rates complying with the highest governing bodies requirements (i.e. UEFA, FIFA, USGA). Particularly, Mapesoil drainage for both hybrid and natural grass, being a pervious seamless layer, avoids installation of any pipe pattern beneath the playing area, leading to uniform humidity content in the root zone and consequently to significant benefits reducing the maintenance costs.


Meazza Stadium (Milan, Italy)Allianz Stadium (Turin, Italy)Le Nouveau Stade de Vélodrome (Marseille, France)Olympic Stadium (London, United Kingdom)Wembley Stadium (London, United Kingdom)Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Madrid, Spain)Mapei Stadium (Reggio Emilia, Italy)Lužniki Stadium (Moscow, Russia)Dallas Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, USA)National Beijing Stadium (Beijing, China)


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