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ESSMA Strategic Partners

Together with our Partners, we aim to support the European stadium professionals with industry wide relevant information or guidance

European Club Association (ECA)

 The European Club Association is the sole, independent body directly representing football clubs at European level. Since its creation in 2008, ECA, the 'voice of the clubs', has positioned itself as an important and respected stakeholder in the international football landscape. ECA exists to protect and promote European club football. Its aim is to create a new, more democratic governance model that truly reflects the key role of the clubs. ECA acts to strengthen each of the clubs for the benefit of all and to ensure that club football is recognised by decision-makers as the main stakeholder in the game.

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European Club Association (ECA)

Stadium Managers Association

The Stadium Managers Association’s only mission is to assist you in achieving the highest levels of facility administration and operation. They do this by supporting and promoting professional relationships among managers, league officials, key industry suppliers, and industry resources.

Take advantage of their network of managers from across the globe as they identify new ways to achieve revenue goals, discuss how to optimally operate within changing frameworks and openly share best practices in the field. Membership in SMA is an essential way to gain new knowledge and access to new contacts to assist stadium professionals no matter where they are in their careers.

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Sports Grounds Safety Authority

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority is a government body that began as the Football Licensing Authority and has played a critical role in transforming spectator safety at football grounds in the UK. The SGSA carries out a range of regulatory functions in relation to football in England and Wales, and advisory functions in relation to other sports within the UK and internationally.  It operates a licensing scheme to regulate the spectator viewing accommodation at Premier and Football League Grounds, Wembley and the Millennium Stadium and oversees the issue and monitoring of Safety Certificates by local authorities.

The SGSA aims to create the conditions for safe and enjoyable experiences for spectators at all sports grounds in England and Wales and around the world.  It provides trusted independent advice and guidance, and uses its experience and commitment to drive continuous improvement. The SGSA works with its partners to educate and inform, and champions innovation in safety management.

For more information about SGSA:

Sports Grounds Safety Authority


GOALS is a project funded by EU Commission through the ERASMUS+ Sport Programme, that aims at improving the environmental governance in football organizations. The project is aimed primarily at women and youth football teams with the aim of improving the environmental impact of clubs and football matches. GOALS aims to increase their environmental awareness and promote the adoption of more environmentally friendly behaviors. The project also intends to strengthen cooperation between institutions and sport organizations boosting the adoption and the implementation of environmental governance actions. The project is coordinated by Sant’ Anna School of Advanced Studies, that has extensive experience in environmental management activities and environmental footprint assessment.

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Istituto per il Credito Sportivo

Leader in financing sports facilities thanks to tradition and experience consolidated over more than 60 years. In recent years, it has embarked on an important development path in financing investments in the sector of cultural assets and activities.

In this growth process, the Institute's objective is to assume additional responsibilities, not limited to being a "simple" bank, but also a platform of solutions that rationalise the design process, facilitate the realisation of works and optimise their management.

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Federal Public Service Home Affairs Football Cell

The General Directorate of Security & Prevention is one of the five general directorates of the Federal Public Service Interior.

The main task is: to contribute to promoting the safety of citizens. They do this mainly in 3 ways:

  • by cooperating intensively with numerous partners
  • by monitoring correct compliance with a number of specific laws and imposing sanctions in the event of violations
  • by focusing as much as possible on prevention and encouraging citizens to take initiatives themselves to improve safety

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